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My name is Walter and I was born to play guitar and sing. To me, writing a song is like a pep talk. My influences vary from James Morrison, John Mayer, and Josh Rouse to Paco de Lucia and John Williams (the guitarist).


At the age of 14, after only 2 years of playing the guitar, Walter, through the advice of his music teacher, reluctantly signed up for the 1st annual Boston Classical Guitar Society Competition…he took 1st place. From that moment on, Walter began a musical path that’s taken him around the world and back. Today, indie singer/songwriter, Walter, is Boston’s best-kept musical secret. In early 2008, backed by a host of Boston music legends (Kevin Barry, John Sands, Eric Kilburn, and Kimon Kirk) Walter began work on his debut album, set to release in 2010. In 2008, the single “Taking Back December”, was picked up for Jaffar Mahmood’s indie comedy film Shades of Ray starring Zachary Levi (Chuck, NBC) and since then several of Walter’s songs have been licensed to TV and radio in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Now armed with a handful of catchy singles and the growing attention of the Boston music scene Walter is eager to see what fate has lined up for him next. Walter’s self-titled full-length debut is slated for release in 2010. To download his music, visit


Taking Back December

Written By: Walter Rodriguez

It’s been so long since I,
spent so much time thinking,
over candles I've been wishing you,
would come back to me now,
I thought it's what I needed,
a little time to let me breathe but now,

it's been too long, and we spent too much time apart,
and I was wrong,
and I know you hurt,
how did it every get this far?
I'm taking back December somehow

spent a lifetime waiting for that sun to rise,
but you never saw it coming,
if it hit you right between the eyes,
don't let time, get away from us,
I'm gonna stop all the clocks and turn off the music love,

you're soft skin,
your perfect smile,
gives me bright eyes for miles and miles and miles,
and I know you hurt,
how did it ever get this far?
I'm taking back December
I'm taking back December, she said,

please take this time if you need it,
but I won't wait for you forever you know,
and look for the signs if you need them,
but I'm standing right in front of you,
and I'm looking back to see if you,
are looking back too.

don't ask me how you did it,
you stole my heart,
and that’s what I miss most of all
you're letting go,
I can see it in your eyes,
so I'm taking back december,
taking back december this time.

taking back december this time.


Currently working on an ep and full length album.

Set List

Just when you least expect
I'm just trying to get this right
Here if you need me
When nobody's watching
Find out for yourself
Lost and Found
The hardest decision
This old love
Taking Back December
Still waiting