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Walter TV

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Band Alternative Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"dont die wondering"

One of my favorite posts in recent memory was a band called Walter TV from somewhere, Canada. The latest from them is an EP which was recorded on a 4 track and came to us today in the form of 1 track, yet those humble figures seem to belie the scope of textures and emotions encapsulated in it’s 17 minutes. Drenched in a distinct nighttime atmosphere, it definitely brings to mind the mental image of a few scruffy dudes tucked away in some black country lodge with only the owls to bear witness. The songs shift almost deliriously between contrasting moods of exultation and brooding, between glowing tropical-tinged pop and dark psychedelic Americana, all the while infused with such levels of passion and inventiveness that it’s quite hard not to be taken aback. Altogether, 33 mb well spent. - dont die wondering

"get off the coast"

I first heard of Walter TV a few months back via Don't Die Wondering. The band just sent over this fantastic live set from the DoS that they recorded with Karl Blau last summer. It's several songs spanning one track just over sixteen minutes in length, and fucking incredible. - get off the coast

"head underwater"

I am into what these Vancouver residents are doing. I think you should be in on this. It’s not pretty. It’s one for the dirt dawgs. The ones who like everything a little “off”, a little fuzzier and faster. One of those bands who are best seen in a basement or in a sweaty club where everyone just vibes and gets uncontrollably exuberant.

Get on with these weirdos. - head underwater

"pasta primavera"

Vancouver’s walter tv have created some seriously mind altering rock in their new LP Appetite. Don’t take it from me – just check their facebook bio:

“Walter Tv is a chopped and screwed remix of an epic dubstep riff. undeniably bassy, these 3 lewd dudes from Vancouver Canada ruin the stage. onlookers rant as they fall to their knees in splendor and awe. the force of sound emanating from inside these incestuous creodonts is in close resemblance to a putrid defilers rugose moan. hoping to play in a city near you, and to kiss you on the lips.”

So there. Basically if you like straight up frenetic guitars and drums with spiraling and swirling tripped out vocals raining down on your glazed over eyes…then, hey, come have a taste: - pasta primavera

"squealer mag"

All we know about Walter TV is that they claim to be from Vancouver. However, they also claim to be Jon Hamm, Keanu Reeves and Sissy Spacek making “a chopped and screwed remix of an epic dubstep remix” so, as with all things, the only certainty is that we can be certain about nothing at all.

What we can deduce from their tracks though, is that they make catchy, frenetic lo-fi fuzz pop reminiscent of Chad Van Gaalen or Women in their more unhinged moments and that there are probably three of them, although probably not renowned actors and definitely not anything to do with dubstep. Hazy, blurry, highly-strung, finger-bitten and strangely addictive, new LP Appetite is available on a name your price basis from their bandcamp here. - squealer mag


Love’s penultimate titan - Pierce McGarry - and company’s Walter TV project just launched a great debut album, Appetite. ‘Africa’shits on Paul Simon from a great height, ‘In My Room’ is probably about rubbing out over your Tascam, and ‘Ludi’ shits on Vampire Weekend from a greater height. - no pain in pop


This track is off the utterly charming debut album from Vancouverites walter tv. They somehow manage to sound breezy and creepy all at the same time, whilst recalling Sung Tongs era Animal Collective, and (dare I dream it!) the dearly departed Unicorns. The album is available on their bandcamp and will, no doubt, provide a perfect soundtrack to a deeply weird summer. -


walter tv Appetite

walter tv live and dubbed at the dos-w/karl blau



three amigos, lude with rude crude underwear.