BandHip Hop

A congregation of three female MC's that blend their own unique styles and flow to create not just a group, but a Hip Hop movement! Finally the focus on the female rapper can lie squarely on raw talent and not gimmicks.


W.A. N.A.G. - Is an acronym for "We Are Not A Group," is not just the name of this combustible entity, it’s a way of life for rappers, Ms. Shay, Cadillac and Déjà Vu. As Ms. Shay describes "We are more than just a group of female rappers, we are a brand, a whole thing." Taking a page out of the book of Wu Tang Clan, W.A.N.A.G, is positioning it's self to be the most revolutionary rap group of this millennium. Turning the standard concept of a hip-hop crew, particularly, a "girl’s crew," on its head. W.A.N.A.G has assembled as a loose congregation of three MCs that bring their own individual style and flow to the table.

In a time and a genre where talent is overshadowed by gimmicks, W.A.N.A.G. brings the real focus of hip hop back to the lyrics and delivery, holding their own against any of their male counterparts.

With each member bringing her own unique style over hardcore beats, eerie piano riffs, and minimal samples, you simply can't minimize the experience as a "group." It's a musical movement!