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Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
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Wanderdusk is one of those elusive groups whose imagination extends far and beyond the normal span of the human ear’s attention yet still keeps listeners in line with tight, pop songcraft. The band’s three members – littlefoote, sayonara and txtyle – each contribute a wholly unique and somewhat off-kilter edge to the music.

Elements that shouldn’t work together and sounds that shouldn’t clash fit together like pieces of some deranged ninth ward puzzle.
Stomping, almost hip hop beats, face off with grimey, warped bass & synths as ripped-out-of-Satan’s-eyeballs psychedelic effects swirl across the speakers. Freaky doesn’t even begin to describe…though there is some small presence of relief once the whole thing’s done. Not to say you’ll be glad it’s over, but you’re not coming out the other end feeling like the same person.
The band’s visuals are created by an artist named amoeba.

Check out the freaky-as-balls video for “picturescreen” below. - Seeds The HypeTree Blog

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The DenverThread List (of bands to see at the 2011 Denver Post Underground Music Showcase):

Wanderdusk – Club 404 @9PM – A funky, American almost version of Bjork or CocoRosie, believe it or not – maybe the UMS’s most original sound. - Denver Thread

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"Wandering Stars"

Sometimes less is more, a maxim that some PR companies could do well to heed. Take Denver based group Wanderdusk. Their email, with the intriguing title "wanderdusk : karmatic pop", consisted of no more than two pictures and two MP3s. It's refreshing to not have to plough through reams and reams of PR puff and over optimistic comparisons. They let the music speak for itself, which is what's it's all about. They don't even seem to have a presence on youtube (when I searched for wanderdusk youtube asked me if I meant wonderduck which raised a chuckle or two).

So in keeping with their minimalist approach to publicity I'll let the music speak for itself without the glib comparisons and overblown metaphors us bloggers are renowned for. - The Devil Has the Best Tuna


phonetic EP- November 2011



Wanderdusk is a powerhouse of innovative songwriting and live performance, with a unique way of making the listener fall into a dream state of nostalgia that will surely bring them back to the back briars of their childhood conscious.

wanderdusk's first tour in December 2011 took them from Denver to California and back, featuring shows with a variety of different kinds of bands in each town; indie rock groups in Salt Lake City, post rock bands in Oakland, DJs in Santa Cruz and San Francisco, and punk bands in Los Angeles and Albuquerque. The sheer variety of different groups wanderdusk are able to play with is a testament to the groundbreaking music they create.

Before leaving for tour, wanderdusk released the "phonetic EP", their debut release. It features 4 songs that combine electronica, pop, punk, dub, and psychedelic rock to make a truly unique listening experience.

The three members of the musical group all push the established boundaries for how to simply create music, a perspective that informs their entire work. Lead vocalist/songwriter littlefoote plays guitar, keyboard, and uses Ableton Live while singing poetic songs in an absolutely incomparable vocal style. wanderdusk’s drummer, txtyle, is the group’s dream factory, producing a huge amount of sound using his virtuosity on live drums, innovative synth voices, samplers, and mixers. The group’s bassist, sayonara, manipulates his bass guitar with an analog synthesizer, producing a low-end sound that no other group can possibly re-produce. Littlefoote, txtyle, and sayonara are entertainers that use their art to give the crowd an unparalleled live concert experience.

The group is part of a growing scene coming out of Denver, based mostly at the Unit E Gallery and other DIY spaces in town. They have shared the stage with acts like Sole, Ikey Owens (of the Mars Volta), Rubedo, and Love Inks. wanderdusk is currently working on their debut LP, to be released in summer 2012.