Wandering Jameson

Wandering Jameson


Wandering Jameson is a one-man show by Tim Hirons. Tim performs his acoustic based songs and spices them up with electric guitar, harmonica, keys, drums, and bass, with the help of a loop pedal.


Wandering Jameson performs acoustic based songs with the assistance of a loop pedal. Although many "loopers" create music with this technology, Wandering Jameson uses it to accentuate songs by adding other instruments. Those instruments include drum and bass sounds, keyboard, harmonica, and electric guitars. The music can go from a mellow acoustic piece to a full-band sound with just the touch of a button. Nothing is ever pre-programmed. It is all done on the fly. Wandering Jameson's influences include Stevie Ray Vaughan, Toad the Wet Sprocket, James Taylor, Elton John, and CCR.


Tim Hirons had moderate success with his first EP release, "A Rocket Made for me and you." It received airplay on several stations throughout the Midwest. Other tracks can be found at www.wanderingjameson.com.

Set List

All-original. Set list depends on the venue.