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?µ???aµa. ??a d?µ???????? ???µa ap? ??? ?t?µa, d?? ???e? ?a? d?? f??a. ???????? s?st?? ?? ?a?a?t???sµ?? ??a t? s?????t?µa µe t?? a?????? st??? ?a? t?? p???µe?? µ??s???, p?? ??e? t?? ?d?a t?? st?? ??f?.
?? Wanderlust de? ??µ????? ?a???a ???? µ??s??? s??µa, t??????st?? ap? t?? ??p??. G?a ?a p? t?? a???e?a, ? s???es? t??? e??a? t?s? pa???e?? p?? µ????e? µe s??ta??:

1 - ?a?????µe ??a p???? µ???? t?? Nemesis (heavy metal s?????t?µa p?? ?????f???se ????? pa?a??te?a), t?? µpas?sta F???pp? S?f???????.
2 - ???s??t??µe t?? p???? ???a??sta t?? Low On Saturn (hard core µp??ta p?? ep?s?? ?????f???se ?????).
3 - ?f?? a?aµe????µe ?a??, p??s??t??µe ta ????a f???t???, t?? a?????a f??? t?? ??ta??? ?’’?d?µ?? (µe s?µµet??? se µp??te? st? e??te????).
4 - St? s????e?a ß????µe st? s???es?, t?? ???a??sta ??µ?t?? ?a???µµ?t? ap? t?? ????a.
5 - ?????µe t? µe??µa µe t? ?ea??te?? µ????, t?? ?t??µe? ?afa??a ??a?? (????t??a t?? et?s??? pa???p???? d?a????sµ?? ?ea??? ?t??µe?.)
6 - Ga??????µe µe t?? t??µp?ta t?? G?????? Ge??????, p???? µ???? f??a?µ??????.

??t? ? ??a µp??ta (p?? ?d?????e t?? Septeµß??? t?? 2007) de? ??e? ??se? ?a???: ??e? ??ße? µ???? se d?? World Music Day fest?ß?? µa?? µe t?? ??? Stef???? ?a? t??? Mikro, ???d?se t? de?te?? ??s? st?? pa???p??? d?a????sµ? s?????t?µ?t?? Bandfest p?? ???eta? ???e ?????, ?pa??e se a??et?? s??a???e? a?? t?? ??p??, ?????e µ?a s??a???a t?? ????? ??d??? st?? ??f? ?a? ?????f???se f?t?? t?? ?????? t?? p??t? ?a? s??a?past??? d???e?? t??, t? «Technology?». ???µa, ??e? de??e? p??t?se?? ??a s??a???e? st?? ????da ?a? t?? ??ßet?a.
?a 5 t?a???d?a t?? «Technology?» µe t? µ??s??? t?? µp??ta? ?a? t??? st????? t?? ??ta??? ?’’?d?µ?? p??sf????? ??a Indie e???st??? ??? eµp???t?sµ??? µe t?? e?t?p?s?a?? pa?a???? t?? ??sta ???????. ? te?e?ta???, t? ?ßd?µ? µ???? t?? Wanderlust (?at? t?? ?d?a t?? µp??ta), epe?e????eta? t?? ??? ?a? st?? s??a???e? t???, d????ta? ?ts? ??a t???? st? s???? p??ß??µa s??e????s?? s?????t?µat??-????? ?????pt?.
??a µe???? µp??ß? sta pa?d?? ap? t?? ??f?....

(This is obviously in greek since we are from Cyprus. If needed i can provide a translation) - Revma Magazine


2009 - Technology? EP

Drip Drop Down and the other songs on the EP have received airplay on radio stations around the island of Cyprus. Especially Rock FM our local rock radio station



Wanderlust are a rock band from Paphos Cyprus
Formed in January 2008 when Natalie (vocals), George K (guitar),
Philippos (bass), Dimitris (guitar), Rafaella (drums) and George G
(trumpet) decided to combine their musical experiences.
With influences from alternative rock, most notably Radiohead and
P.J. Harvey and the band members own diverse tastes in music,
Wanderlust have already established themselves as a popular live
act in Cyprus from headlining shows and festivals to supporting
visiting artists to the island.