Wanlov & the Afro-Gypsy Band

Wanlov & the Afro-Gypsy Band

 Accra, Greater Accra, GHA

A boy from West Africa & Eastern Europe combined his cultures and created Afro-Gypsy Music!


So far, Wanlov's albums have challenged the limits of Afro-pop culture. His 2007 debut "Green Card" triggered the wave of Pidgen singing and rapping now popular in Ghana. And while everyone else lost their heads in the euphoria of Africa's first World Cup in 2010, "Yellow Card - Stomach Direction"'s satire was the lone voice against government corruption. Now with "Brown Card - African Gypsy", Wanlov introduces the world to Afro-Gypsy music.

Born Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu in Romania to a Romanian mother and Ghanaian father, Wanlov moved to Ghana where he grew up. His pitch to translate his dual-cultural experiences into an album beat hundreds of applicants from around the world to a coveted VPC (Visa Pour Creation) residency at Cites Des Arts in Paris, sponsored by Pidgen Music, Institut Francais & the French Embassy.

Demonstrating genuine empathy in his music, Wanlov has not only won the hearts of tens of thousands of fans globally, but also earned the role of ambassador for top philanthropic organizations such as Orphan Aid, Invisible Children & World Food Programme. His song "Human Being - Just Like You ft Aaron Bebe", winner of the WCS International Song Contest in 2006, is featured on Amnesty International's PEACE compilation and was used by UNICEF's anti-child trafficking campaign in Ghana.

Winning the Babel Med Mondomix Music Award, receiving a MOBO Best African Act nomination, being a finalist for RFI Decouvertes and getting featured on CNN, BBC & Al Jazeera has given Wanlov some very well deserved visibility with which he advocates for environmental awareness and living sustainably. The Trashy Bags' ambassador's song "For the River ft Long John" is the theme song for the Accra Environmental Film Festival that takes place every June in Accra, Ghana.

2008, Wanlovs breakthrough year, brought increased critical acclaim starting with four Ghana Music Awards nominations (Discovery, Record, Video & Hip Hop Song of The Year). He has collaborated and shared stages with Femi Kuti, King Ayisoba and Gyedu-Blay Ambolley.

Wanlov is also one half of the most relevant Afropop duos in the world, the GUBA Award winning FOKN Bois. Together with his partner M3NSA, they wrote and star in the worlds first Pidgen Musical "Coz Ov Moni" and have supported acts like Snoop Dogg, Gentleman and the Gorillaz.

With the 5-man Afrogypsy band in tow, Wanlov & the Afro-Gypsy band caravans the planet with "Brown Card - African Gypsy" a statement record in which he celebrates his dual identity and approaches a new musical frontier with renewed vim: "Chale, I am rapping and singing on traditional African drums blended with Transylvanian violins and it feels bloody good. Dracula and Idi Amin would both be proud."

Festivals Played: 

Festival Sud Arles, FR

Festival Rhizomes, FR

Babel Med Dos De Sud, FR

Festival Musiques Metisses Angouleme, FR  

Africa Festival Wurzburg, GER 

Equation Musique Iasi, RO 

Suona Francese Rome, IT 

Mosaique Festival London, UK 

Trans Amazoniennes Saint Laurent Du Maroni, GUY 

Asabaako Music Festival Busua, GH

Alliance Francaise Francophone Month Festival Accra, GH


Album - "Green Card" - 2007
Album - "Yellow Card - Stomach Direction" - 2010
Album - "Brown Card - African Gypsy" - 2011

2006 WCS International Song Contest - Winner (World) - "Human Being"
2006 International Songwriting Competition - Finalist (World) - Never Die"
2007 Peacedriven Songwriting Award - Runner Up - "Human Being"
2008 Ghana Music Awards - Nominated for Discovery Of The Year, Record Of The Year (Smallest Time), Video Of The Year (Kokonsa), & Hiphop Song Of The Year (Kokonsa)

Set List

*Songs & order subject to change. Performance duration depends on agreed terms

Nkrumah Pikin...........explosive
African Gypsy...........fast psychedilic
Vino La Mine..............medium happy
Veverita......................medium sad
Human Being.............slow sad
Ofee Buulu..................fast happy
Casa Mea...................medium angry
String Theory.............medium dark
Nxt Life.......................very slow sad
No Business...............fast happy