Wan Santo Condo

Wan Santo Condo


If Freddy Mercury was straight and sang for Led Zeppelin If Robert Plant moved to Seattle If Texas had no cowboys Then Wan Santo Condo


AUSTIN, TX 2004-2005

It’s a miracle you even have this record.

Bob Via drives a van. He picks up rock stars and shuttles them from the Four Seasons to local stadiums, sheds, and festivals. Bob has been driving this route for 10 years, glancing in the rear view mirror at The Black Crows, The Pretenders, and The Cult; dreaming of the day he would be in the back seat.

Overnight success? Well maybe in New York or LA but in Austin, TX everything requires tremendous diligence, patience, and eternal optimism. In the real world rock stars have day jobs driving vans for bigger rock stars.

Wan Santo Condo is the creation of partners Jason Mozersky and Bob Via and has existed since post college days where the two became instant collaborators with bassist, Aaron Herbster and later drummer, Steven Sanders. The four steadfastly marched on through countless Liberty Lunch gigs and SXSW showcases. For years they lived on the verge of the elusive record deal.

One sunny day, Bob’s passenger was Ben Harper. Bob slipped a Wan Santo Condo CD into the van’s player and looked into the rear view. Ben was flipping out. He loved it. Harper took this to his label, Virgin, thinking that they should sign this right away. Virgin was slow to move and the band ultimately signed with Kneeling Elephant.

Well that was about 6 years ago. So much for overnight success.

Enter the era of music industry collapse. Kneeling Elephant buckled before Wan Santo Condo’s debut could be released. Virgin quickly signed them but soon fell victim to industry woes as regime changed and downsizing left their roster in shambles. A subsequent deal with Universal/ Enjoy Records crumbled. Enjoy and Universal parted ways and Enjoy became Everloving Records. Everloving loved this record though and they spent the next year untangling them from Universal deal while Everloving partner/producer JP Plunier went back to the studio to refine the album once more.

The purpose of all this is instantly audible. The journey. A labor of love, an epic drama spanning over a decade: The wailing voice of passion fighting to be heard. Wan Santo Condo’s self-titled debut is full of singles like the anthemic “How does it Feel?” and “Right or Wrong.” There are gorgeous down tempo excursions like “Dandelion” and “Strip the Feel.” Throughout, the album performs like a timeless rock classic. Aaron Herbster’s bass lines are dizzying. Steven Sanders’ beats have purpose and tone. And the guitar play between Mozersky and Via is reminiscent of “The Bend’s” era Radiohead.

Famed graphic artist Laurent Fetis (Beck, Bjork) has created a stunning package and logo that mirrors the grandeur of this effort, boasting that this album intends to be around awhile.


2004 Wan Santo Condo
2004 I Wish I Was a Drug 7"

Set List

1 A-hole
2 down
3 how does it feel?
4 never
5 laurelei
6 right or wrong
7 dandelion
8 I wish I was a drug
9 undone
10 strip the feel