We play Metal, and we just try to express the things we have inside us! All the chronicles we got were differents , so I just can tell that we play is a sort of mix of Pure Metal and technicals and groovy musics! Imagine a mix of Pantera and Mudvayne, with a little touch of Meshuggah!!!


WARATTAH is a metal band that was formed in Bordeaux (FRANCE) in December 2005.
It was formed by Khris (guitar/vocals), who wanted to create the music which he wasn't able to express with his other bands.
After a few tests, the definitive lineup was found with Cyril (bass) and Xav (drums), musicians who each had both studio and live experience.
However, with the complexity of the vocal/guitar parts, Denis (guitar) was added to contribute the "wall of sound" needed for live shows, and also to because his soloing technique brings a new dimension to the band.
The musical past of each band member has deliberately been omitted, in order to allow people to discover and listen to what WARATTAH does, with no preconceived opinion as to what they could be doing or could have done!
It is also an approach that is meant to be humble and honest.
At the end of April in 2006, a 4-song demo was recorded, and it was subsequently voted as "Demo of the Month" in the June 2006 issue of "Rock Hard magazine" and "Autoproduction of the Month" in the March 2007 issue of "Guitar Part magazine". Other reviews have appeared in "Metallian", "Guitarist Magazine" (issue #198S), "Rock Tribune (issue#61 - Benelux) and in various webzines (see Warattah website).
WARATTAH is a metal trio that holds nothing back, with raw vocals, technical drumming, powerful guitars and a grooving bass.
The main objective of the band will remain live performance.
Also, the video for "Fits of Rage" aired on "MCM", "MCM Belgium" and "MTV Pulse" in March 2007, and will re-air in May 2007.
In addition, a documentary on WARATTAH will air on Canada's "Shok Productions" and on Benelux's "S-Television".
The band is currently seeking French and foreign booking managers.

With respect and cheers!!!


Fits of Rage

Written By: Drochon Christian


I was raised according to my father’s standards of pride, courage and honour with which I won’t go further.
What happened between us made me precisely lose these values,
Then I do not regard myself anymore as one man with whole share.

My innocence, my pride, my fundamental points of reference,
However, all that, I lost it!

Therefore, you know what I feel,
It’s having lost my dignity, with respect to me, my parents and my family!
I have always been lonely, like everyone, you might tell me!
People around me have seen my real misery!

Taste my downfall,
I’m a loser overall!
Seen like an asshole,
I’m a looser overall,
I watch my way of life unfold.

Spite resumed to fits of rage!

Sorrow, courage, fear, my only way to feel!
Frustration, rejection, I feel like Frankenstein,
Eviction, destruction, these words are mine!

How are you, little bastard?
Can’t you feel my resurrection?
Hatred remembers a long time after love has been forgotten.
It will get out, you’ll pay for it!
Such hatred eludes the conscience!!!

I taste your downfall,
You’re a loser overall,
To me, you’re just an asshole!
You’re a loser overall,
And I watch your way of life unfold!

Spite resumed to fits of rage!

Song to a Close friend

Written By: Drochon Christian


Are you still alive, now?

I’ve always remained faithful to things I like and this is the result.
Nobody will be able to say that I was not until the end.
There are things remaining to be done, always and everywhere!!!

Let me tell you something that I really believe in!
Often, you said to me you didn’t think you had the potential to sing
I think it’s a question of self confidence.

Song to a close friend.

What counts is the sincerity with which you do it.
What matters is doing the best you can, always being sincere!
You just do what you think is right!
We all see what you claim to do!

Song to a close friend.

The following bridge is a tribute to you and what you used to listen to!

Remember what you like, remember who you are,
Something you write to me, “Keep on thrashing!”

Song to a close friend

I don’t know if you hear me,
I’m not asking myself any questions, just want to do things right,
Enjoying myself !
People respect you for that, nobody is easily deceived.

I wish you all the happiness (which) one can wish to somebody !
Be sincere, do the best you can, since it makes the difference in the end!

Skulls in the River Beds

Written By: Drochon Christian


Should I remind that it is a madman’s country
With a dozen nuclear submarines
In desolation.
Abandoned labs lined with water,
Nuclear warheads hidden one meter underground

Viruses , bombs, there’s no turning back
Archives, dumps, records in flames to cover tracks
Sounds of good sense become whispers.
The war ministry, the foreign office
This cast of war is untouchable.
Acts of murder
Twisted children,
Fear is the weapon,
Nothing has to filter!

We’re headed for skulls in the river beds

You know very well which muck is low there…
Movement of borders between countries,
No need for plan!
We shall see where our own madness will take us …

Buy insanity with dirty dollars.
Sounds of gain will crack our bones!
Ready to burst from asphyxiation,
Surrounded by everyone, you won’t be alone!

Digiding, chlilling!
Politicians in place!
An open war to hope, dreams and honesty!
Our ground paradise will disappear
It’s on the way, (and) that delights me...

We’re headed for skulls in the river beds
Death in the dried-up lakes!

In death we trust!

The earth, the earth….
This earth doesn’t belong to us,
But its future is between our hands.
There is no time to lose!
We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors,
We only borrow it!

Now, we finally realize there is urgency!
We are in an infernal spiral where nobody wants
to give up the general comforts of life!

All that we found with the snooperscope
Is you’re acting like microbes in a body!
Infectious lies, nervousness within!
Tracks of fault surfacing on your skin!
Progressive break
Denied life
Eyes on your faith, faith corroded!

Once more time discourage to watch you escape!
Impossible to stop this infection!
Are we strong enough to steer you in the right way?

Go straight!


- EP 4 titles : "Distorsion" (Fits of rage - Song to a Close Friend 6 Skulls in the River Beds - The Void)

- Vidéo clip : "Fits of Rage"

Set List

Set list :
Song to a Close friend - I, Fuckin'I - Creepy Generation - The Void - Cell in a Hollow Land - Pack your Bags and leave - Skulls in the river Beds - Metal - Fits of Rage - Blood Red Fury

Our set list last about 50 minutes.

We don't do covers!!!