Marieville, Quebec, CAN

WarCall plays music inspired by the evildoings of mankind. Blending fast, aggressive and melodic elements of metal with the intensity of rock music the crowds crave.

The main objective of WarCall when performing on stage is to infuse a massive dose of energy to the unsuspecting crowd.


WarCall was formed in 2007 from the ashes of different bands from the Montreal area. Coming from punk and metal backgrounds, the musical style was developped blending elements from those styles, with death and black components added from different influences.

From day one, WarCall has always been a performing band, never afraid of going on the road to play for new crowds. As soon as 2008, WarCall had toured with bands such as Impaled Nazarene, Norther and Catamenia. Apparitions in different festivals also helped the band reach ever growing crowds which led, in 2009, to the release of a first album: Demonarchy.

Released by the label Panoptic records, the album immediately catched the attention of the metal community worldwide.

Back from a recent tour supporting Kalmah, WarCall is soon to be ready to record their second album of pure musical intensity.


WarCall - Demonarchy
Panoptic Records