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Marieville, Quebec, Canada

Marieville, Quebec, Canada
Band Metal Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Kalmah at theatre Plaza w/ WarCall"

The evening began with a trilogy of local talent, Death-Metalers Disaster’s Gates and Your Last Wish entertained the enthusiastic hometown crowd before Warcall took the stage to regale the crowd with their Thrash/War Metal stylings. Of the 3 local bands Warcall were my favorite, according to their MySpace page their music is “inspired by the evildoings of mankind” and their album Demonarchy now graces my iPod, it’s very good power-walk motivation music! Oh and Warcall did a pretty good cover of Metallica’s Metal Militia so overall they were very entertaining. This was a fantastic showcase for talented local performers to warm up the crowd before Kalmah came on stage! - Hardtimes

"WarCall - Catamenia, Quebec City"

Support direct pour Catamenia, le groupe Warcall, armé jusqu’aux dents, est venu présenter leur métal de guerre avec une énergie surprenante pour un groupe dont la formation venait de subir quelques amputations. La musique du groupe pourrait être décrite comme un hybride de la période Chaos A.D. de Sepultura et un thrashcore plus moderne. Le mélange est efficace et prend tout son sens en spectacle. Le quatuor montréalais l'aura prouvé, lors de ce spectacle dans la vieille capitale. - Capitale du Metal

"08:04:28 - Kalmah / Talamyus / Warcall (Mtl)"

La salle est pleine à craquer, et le groupe Warcall est déjà sur scène, en train de réchauffer la foule, qui bien franchement, n’as pas eu à se faire prier bien longtemps! L’ambiance est déjà bien festive, les gens bien entassés dans l’enclave qui fait face à la scène. Le groupe, qui se qualifie de « War Metal », donne une excellente prestation. Je me sens presque coupable de ne pas les connaître! Avec de fortes influences thrash agrémentées d’une touche mélodique franchement entraînante, ils se sont sans doute fait plusieurs fans. En tout cas, ils ont vendu tout plein de démos à 2$, j’en suis témoin! Avec un premier album prévu à quelque part en 2008, le groupe est à surveiller!

- Metal Universe

"Metallian - WarCall"

There was some confusion since the band’s name was a new one to us at Metallian Towers and the group’s formation supposedly dated back all of two years. The music on Demonarchy - something of a hackneyed name at this point – is mature by any measure. The riddle was solved upon discovering that the band had indeed operated for many more years under another monicker only to change its name, record this album and now see its release.
With that preamble out of the way, whatever the case of the band’s age, Warcall has put forth a dazzling album whose biggest merit is maintaining heaviness and frantic speed upon a grouping of diverse riffs without ever resorting to demeaning devices like clean vocals, keyboards, opera vocals or whatever trendy modern bands do. Warcall is always punishing the listener and always exciting and always powerful without compromising the metal. What is wonderful is how many good riffs these guys have. The band then takes that and adds additional flair, say a little drum sound here, a guitar lick there, to complete its brand of death and thrash metal. This sort of music is more ordinarily associated with Europe, you know some melody but very heavy, and indeed shades of Arch Enemy or the harmonies of Iron Maiden are heard here and there. Having said that, Warcall is its own band and a good one at that. There is some uneven spacing between tracks on the disc it sounds like, but Demonarchy is worth searching for. – Ali “The Metallian”

- Metallian.ca

"WarCall - Demonarchy"

By Laina Dawes
What is it with metal bands from Quebec? There is this distinctly European/non-Canadian feeling that seeps out of the music of Voivod, Blackguard, Neuraxis and Kataklysm. On the other hand, I can't exactly describe a "Canadian" metal sound, per se (besides limp-penis indie-lite hipster rock performed by privileged white kids trying to be "edgy") but upon first listen to Demonarchy from Montreal's Warcall, I automatically assumed they were from some foreign country. Because they are good? Perhaps, but probably because the creativeness they've put into their debut far surpasses anything else I have heard from new Canadian bands this year. Skip the 53 second intro, "Demonarchy," and head right into "War Call ? the Landing," which quickly declares their style ? a mash-up of death metal, thrash, L.A. cock rock and a touch of Blackguard-influenced folk melody ? but amped up to about 85 miles an hour. Inventive, fun, crisp and a great first offering.
(Panoptic) - Exclaim.ca

"WarCall - Demonarchy"

Montreal, Canada’s capital of Metal (or Capitale du Metal, if you want), has spit out another before unknown band that is trying to take a piece of the ever growing cake that is Heavy Metal. WARCALL is the name of this quintet that has set out to take the Melodic Death Metal fanbase by storm, a tall order if you look at the amount of releases that this style has seen since the mid-Nineties, but then again, it has been kind of laying somewhat dormant over the past few years, so maybe a swift kick in the rear might reanimate the aging sub-genre.

“Demonarchy” is the debut of the band that originally operated under the name of PLAN B and has three demos, one single and an EP to that name, and it definitely has the potential to give this scene some much needed fresh air. While not being original in any way, WARCALL’s delivery is fresh, powerful, with good drive and melodies and this tight-knit feeling that just gives you this sense of urgency, if you understand what I mean? Just listen to the first full song “WarCall – The Landing”, where the guys belt out a powerful, fast Melo Death track with both hoarse and deeper growls, excellent melodies, that will take your heart by storm, if you like this style, no matter how many bands you have heard in the past.

One problem with many Melodic Death Metal bands, especially of the second generation, has often been that they went one-dimensional in their approach and just made sure to have all the standard ingredients, but did not really venture much further. Of course we still get the fast and furious tracks such as “The Black Death”, “Rampage”, “Man Bites Dog” or the far more aggressive and less melodic “Ribcrack” (which is my least favourite track on “Demonarchy”, btw), but then we get “Walk The Plank” that almost has a Viking Metal feel to the rhythm or “Blood For The Sun” that even features some semi-clear vocals, which also work very well.

So as I had mentioned, originality is not really WARCALL’s strong suit, but I don’t really care for that, if the material is delivered with conviction and freshness and the Quebecois are on the right way here for sure. The clear production does its part in making this album very enjoyable and we don’t really need a new, full wave of Melodic Death Metal to have fun with this. Thumbs up!

- The Metal Observer

"Kalmah / Warcall / Woods of Ypres / Bolero @ The Mod Club, March 13th 2011"

he crowd swelled during Woods of Ypres’ set, and the Mod Club was teeming by the time Warcall took the stage. This was my first experience with this band. They play a blend of melodic death and thrash the audience ate up. Their set began and ended strong, delivering a great deal of passion, though the band’s energy level flagged in the middle. The crowd either didn’t notice or mind, and kept a swirling, energetic pit in action throughout. While this Montreal-based band’s material may not be terribly original, considering exactly how much melodic death floats across my table these days, their delivery is solid. Their music is still fresh to them, and that makes all the difference in a live performance. They didn’t blow me out of the water, but they certainly did earn my respect.
- Hellbound.ca


WarCall - Demonarchy
Panoptic Records



WarCall was formed in 2007 from the ashes of different bands from the Montreal area. Coming from punk and metal backgrounds, the musical style was developped blending elements from those styles, with death and black components added from different influences.

From day one, WarCall has always been a performing band, never afraid of going on the road to play for new crowds. As soon as 2008, WarCall had toured with bands such as Impaled Nazarene, Norther and Catamenia. Apparitions in different festivals also helped the band reach ever growing crowds which led, in 2009, to the release of a first album: Demonarchy.

Released by the label Panoptic records, the album immediately catched the attention of the metal community worldwide.

Back from a recent tour supporting Kalmah, WarCall is soon to be ready to record their second album of pure musical intensity.