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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B


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The Warclub Wages War By Snatching The Mic
Taking Hip Hip Back To Its Righteous Roots

Los Angeles, Ca (February 12, 2007) – Lamenting like the Godfather of Soul when he screamed “I’m Mad!” hailing the Black Power Movement to get a big payback, rap sensation Warclub is on the warpath and is calling on the Hip Hop generation to “Snatch The Mic” from corporate tycoons who have corrupted the righteous soulful essence of rap.

When you hear the name Warclub, it conjures images of Fight Club where members engage in recreational battling. Make no mistake. Warclub wants a war. A war of words that is, and they have swung a powerful punch with their new single “Snatch The Mic.”

“We are waging war on the musical menaces to society who are profiting off of lyrics that exploit women, minorities, children and pushes personal gain at any cost,” said Ryakin Rip, the super producer of Warclub. “The first rap group I saw was Public Enemy. Hip Hop was like a virgin. It was political. It made me want to talk about things related to my community, my country and my African and Native American heritage.”

Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr., the only living founder of the Black Panther Party, concurs that one way to fight the power is through music, “one of our greatest weapon.” The political activist said that because this generation has access to many media outlets, they are more the potential to be more powerful than previous generations.

“Warclub is an extraordinary group because they are using the power of art and culture to deliver a positive message. They aren’t just singing it, they’re bringing it!”

Warclub, which refers to an ancient weapon commonly used by various Native American tribes, consist of Ryakin Rip and Hawk Ryma, two razor sharp and talented musicians who both share African and Native American ancestry. Hawk is the recording artist and songwriter in the group. Before they were musicians, they getting schooled in the political grassroots movements.

Ryakin’s mother was an activist. When he wasn’t listening to incisive conversations about racism and capitalism, he was feasting on the lyrics of James Brown. When his mother gave him a drum machine, he turned his anger into music, creating beats and destroying emcees in the underground Hip Hop world. Similarly, Hawk was recruited at an early age to be involved in a teen political action group. He later started putting together some def rhymes and catchy hooks.

“My heart is in rap,” said Hawk. “I just want to take it back to the day when there was a NWA, a Kool Moe Dee, a LL Cool J, a Run DMC and a Public Enemy. There was a stage for all types of rappers. Now that big business has its hands in it, it’s all about blood diamonds and smokin’ somebody.