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Adobophunk- EP
1. "Catch Me If You Can"
2. "Jerzee Til I Die"
3. "Better Days" (Live @ Kenny's Castaways)
4. "Catch Me If You Can" (acoustic)
5. Bonus Track- "Ahead of My Time" (acoustic)



Meet Warholsoup...

Theyre story is a perfect example of how everything happens for a reason according to God's most perfect timing. To make the long story short, this band took 5 years to come together. Still unsuccessful after auditioning several singers and drummers, Ace Arnejo (guitar) and John Sayson (bass) finally found a drummer in Tim De Ramos, who just moved to Jersey from the Philippines. His resume includes playing with and learning from some well known international acts such as Sandwich, Sugarfree, Rivermaya, Raimond Maricigan (Eraserheads). Meanwhile in March '05, Marq Romero(vocals) was already a known acoustic singer/songwriter in the scene who had just returned from an eye-opening meeting with a major record label. Unsigned and unsure of what to do next, he grew frustrated to see his fellow singer-friends advancing in the scene. He prayed to God for three months for a funk/rock band that would take his songwriting to a new level. June 12, 2005 Marq happened to be performing at a local festivcal, and upon arriving, he noticed a strange guy was constantly eyeing him. This strange guy was none other than Ace. He approached Marq with no formal introduction and asked, "You wanna join a band?" Marq, stunned at the randomness, yet remaining cool asked, "What kind of music do you guys play?" Ace replied, "Like funk-rock and stuff." Marq looked up to heaven and said, "Thats cool." An answered prayer, and the rest is history.

So Warholsoup officially assembled late June 2005 in a Belleville, NJ basement bedroom and swore to restore this war-torn galaxy to peace through the power of positive music. In a matter of weeks they played their first show and quickly established their funky soul rockin' sound that has quickly placed them as one of the diverse show-stopping acts in the NY/NJ music scene. Warholsoup aspires to prove that when it comes to the universal language of music there is no culture barrier. Their writing is derived more from inspiration than following a genre specific formula. God created diversity, and Warholsoup is a celebration of that through their music. And now recently joining forces with BET Wild-Out Wednesday DJ Battle Champ, DJ GETLIVE, the Soup's garnished with a hint of hip-hop flavor. All this within the course of 1 year, finishing it off with exposure on MTVU's newest hit show "Meet or Delete: Episode 2". (watch it at www.meetordelete.com)

They've not only gained recognition for their jazzy interludes, catchy melodies, and their spiritually driven messages of faith, love, and peace (with the occastional boy-meets-girl song in hand), but are quickly getting even more acclamation for their high energy full-out live performances. Another interesting thing about Warholsoup is their ability to transform their rock songs into soulful acoustic renditions for smaller cafe venues that have listeners appreciate their songs even more.

Gig after gig, Warholsoups chemistry onstage has proven they're consistency in winning crowds over. Within a few gigs, Jersey crowds quickly caught on to their lyrics singing along to the jazzy Jerseyan jam 'Jerzee Til I Die'. During the reggae-rockin Holy Spirit anthem "Better Days", you can hear the whole place chanting along to the song's spiritual message to 'Surrender your soul to a better day!'. In that instant, the stage becomes an alter, and Warholsoup is taking everyone to church! Can I get an 'Amen?' As the guys perform 'Let's Go Paradise', a song of blind faith and the promise of heaven, you can find a growing fan base of breakdancers, rockin' on the dance floors throughout the set. Warholsoup definitely has proven their appeal to all types of crowds.

They're sound is a tribute to the musical legends who came before them, and their songs are not just for the relationship-challenged, but they are God-inspired messages that invite listener's to re-examine their faith in God and in humankind. Warholsoup is more than just good music. It's a movement! And you best believe they're gonna make yall move!