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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Judges Feedback: "River of Wine" Rock/Alternative Category The lyrics deliver the theme well, good melodic changes throughout. - Billboard


Beeb Ashcroft

"These guitar heroes are ready to rumble". "The writing and performances on this record are solid and tight".
- Jennifer Layton


" WarHorse is breaking into the New York scene full throttle with no intentions of slowing their speed! "

Re: Justin Haas

"He plays a wicked guitar riff and dabbles in piano and keyboards." - Dawn Marie Fichera

"Simon Kirke from Bad Company"

" It's most impressive" "Each song is good" - same

"Hairhut Radio 90.3 FM"

"Great Show You Guys Put On"
"You Rock!!" - J.T.Cane


Studio CD...."WarHorse"
Currently developing music for their second CD.



Spring 2008! Four young men from Long Island combine their incomparable talents and incredible drive to create " WarHorse". Instantly developing a chemistry between them, they create their eclectic, powerful and dynamic first CD. They begin to tour Long Island, playing the biggest clubs and then move quickly into New York City. Again playing the most popular, well known clubs. Packing the house many times, which is so impressive for a band touring less than one year! Soon they are contacted by Billboard with interest in their music for their "Song of the Year" contest and placed on the 2010 Grammy Ballot. Things seem to be progressing quickly for them as they continue to develop a strong, loyal fan base and share their intense energy and awesome skills with more and more grateful listeners. Their impeccable timing and obvious chemistry continue to make them fan favorites wherever they play.

When the question is asked..."Who will be the supergroup of tomorrow? Who will be that band to stand the test of time, who have the talent and the flexibility and diversity to withstand changes in the music industry as well as the listener's ever evolving tastes and need to have their feelings expressed through music? The answer inevitably is WarHorse!