War in the Sun

War in the Sun


War in the Sun is a metal band out of Providence, Rhode Island. With influences ranging from bands such as Tool and The Deftones, to Biohazard, Mastodon, and Fleetwood Mac, they produce an original sound that is powerful, emotional, and groove-driven.


War in the Sun consists of guitarist Lou George, drummer Russell Roy, bassist B.B.O.A., and vocalist/lyricist Charlie White. Rising from the ashes of their former band, Pray4Nothing, Lou, Russ, and B.B.OA. began writing new music in the fall of 2007. After meeting Charlie in January of 2008, they began the project that would become War in the Sun: a mix of diverse musical styles melding into an emotional and powerful, groove-driven sound.

Although their music is often considered to be in the vein of bands such as Tool and The Deftones, their musical influences range from these bands to bands as diverse as Biohazard, Mastodon, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Fleetwood Mac, and Jefferson Airplane.


Title: War in the Sun (demo)
Year: 2008
Production: Independent
Track listing:
1) Mallet
2) Caged
3) Desert

Set List

Typical set list:
1) Mallet
2) Caged
3) Sorry Charlie
4) Desert
5) Envy
6) Hypocrite

Songs are 3-4.5 minutes in length
Sets are typically one hour