War Jacket

War Jacket

 Birmingham, Alabama, USA

is a southern gothic three-piece from Birmingham, Alabama.



is a southern gothic three-piece from Birmingham, Alabama. 

Founded by baritone ukulelist Caleb Chancey in 2010, the band has evolved through its early music, from a stripped-down, solo EP to soulful incantations with cellist Lori Cheng and electric guitar player Joel Madison Blount. 

The trio’s communal sound taps into the sense of place you get in such a city as Birmingham – a haunted past, fatigued and tattering, a steely movement from day to day – but War Jacket’s songs don’t buckle under the black-blue themes. They are warm, tender, and resonant, nostalgic battle cries that balance out the somber. 

And if there’s a collective longing in War Jacket’s textured music, it’s undoubtedly for home. “When I was a kid, I’d crawl into bed at night, and I’d always wait for my dad to start playing his piano,” says Chancey. “For me music has always been a kind of a soundtrack for dreaming.” 

In April, 2014, the trio began tracking their upcoming full length. Produced by Brian T. Murphy (Sandra McCracken, The Lone Bellow, Greg Holden, Thad Cockrell) the sophomore LP is set to debut in Fall 2015. 

Caleb Chancey - Vocalist / Baritone Uke

Lori Cheng - Cello

Joel Madison Blount - Guitar


Leaflet No. 1
Live Like You're Going Home
Blue of the Sky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Set List

Water Wings
The Family Gun
I'm Afraid of the Devil
Song of Regret
Robert & Jesse
Pour Traverser
With Lightning in Your Hands (Damien Jurado)
Box of Wine
Remember You Used to Love Me
The Sparrow