Warley Henrique

Warley Henrique

 Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, BRA

As player and composer Warley Henrique presentes, with your band, the very best of brasilian instrumental music vogour and strong with personality. His performance is the result of eleven years working and researching the possibilities of his instrument inside instrumental brasilian music.


Considered one of the very best of of instrumental music of Minas Gerais-Brasil, Warley Henrique has received, since 2002, several awards that guaranted him special position among the best composers and instrumentalists of Minas Gerais. The virtuosity as he plays his instrument impresses all of people who listen his sound.
Warley Henrique began to play his instrument, the “ Cavaquinho” (a kind of a small guitar) when he was fifteen years old, following up Samba and Choro´s groups in pubs of his city. Self-taught musician, nowdays, with twenty seven years old, the artist has been presented professionally in important public houses and theatres of Belo Horizonte and others Brazilian States . Your last reward was the best instrumental CD of 2008 in this state, Minas Gerais and received in 2009 the indication of highly placed in a reward of Brasilian Music in Rio de Janeiro .
To see vídeos o f warley Henrique click www.youtube.com/warleyhenriques


In 2008 warley Henrique released his first CD called DELICADO and nowadays is preparing his second CD.