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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Band Metal Rock


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"Debut Masterpiece"

This is probably one of the best Canadian newcomer. With this debut masterpiece, WARMACHINE is already becoming the most promissive heavy thrash band and can obviously compete with bands such as ICED EARTH or RAGE ! David Ellefson shows that it can be better being out than being in MEDADETH, and supporting WARMACHINE on three songs (as well as being in AVIAN) proves one more time that he still wants to play good music. This album is excellent from the beginning to the end. It contains everything a heavy metal or thrash metal fan can expect : beautiful heavy metal riffs, powerful thrash-like rhythm section, wonderful and melodic guitar leads and harmonies, delighting dual guitars, and absolutely perfect vocal lines, kicking and catchy at the same time. So what else could we want ? A good sound ? OK, the sound is perfect ! What else ? Nothing ? I agree, that's why I can onlygive the highest score to this excellent "The beginning of the end" and tell you to find it at any price if you like bands like MEGADETH, ICED EARTH, RAGE, METALLICA, and everything that sounds like some true heavy metal. My hat is off to you guys.
- Heavy Metal Universe.com

"A fantastic debut!"

With their kick-ass performance at last year’s Chicago Power Fest, Toronto, Canada’s Warmachine let the metal world know that they were a band to watch out for. Shortly thereafter, Warmachine was signed to Lance King’s Nightmare Records. The band’s killer debut, The Beginning of the End, is a nice combination of old school heavy metal with a touch of thrash and power metal mixed in. Bandleader Joe Di Taranto has an excellent voice and is a damn good guitar player as well. His songs are well written, heavy and crunchy while still melodic and catchy. The album was co-produced by David Ellefson (Megadeth), who also plays bass on many of the tracks. Ralph Santolla (Iced Earth) also makes a guest appearance. Highlights include “Empty,” “Beginning of the End,” “Safe Haven,” “Fate” and the awesome “Eternally” featuring guest vocals from Harry Hess (Harem Scarem).
(Andy Laudano)
- Harder Beat

"TBOTE Review"

The demo of Canadian WARMACHINE had caused quite a stir three years ago and Ralf awarded it with 9 points, fully deservedly, if I may add. Now the 1994-founded band from Toronto has recorded its debut with “The Beginning Of The End“ and could win a whole load of quite well-known musicians as guests, among them MEGADETH bassist Dave Ellefson, ICED EARTH guitarist Ralph Santolla and HAREM SCAREM singer Harry Hess, plus EMERALD RAIN’s Murray Daigle as producer and once also guest vocalist.

So what is this “phenomenon” WARMACHINE? Well, the style that they have chosen for themselves is very traditional, pure Heavy Metal, which, though, never sounds old-fashioned, but without taking up any modern elements sounds up-to-date, as if their sound was something brand spanking new. So the quartet does not exactly explore new territories, so here the excellent song writing come into play, which lets potentially lacking originality completely step into the background!

Led by Joe DiTaranto’s excellent voice, which is a nice difference to many of his colleagues, the quartet delivers a very compact album, which keeps the tension up over the whole 44 minutes, not showing any weaknesses. Opener “Betrayed”, for example, is marked by quite heavy riffing, complemented by great melodies, culminating in a super catchy chorus, if that does not capture the genre fan right away, well, then you are not a fan, quite frankly!

We already know “Beginning Of The End“ from the demo, super melodic, followed by “Safe Haven“ with fat double-bass and heavy guitars, yet always putting enough emphasis on good and mature melodies. “Eternally” reminds me a lot of ICED EARTH, from the guitars at the beginning over the riffing to the vocal harmonies, without sounding like a copy, while “Taunted Souls” accelerates a lot, which the band also masters very well.

The production is up-to-date, but not modern, traditional, but not out-dated, the songs very good, but not, eh, they are just damn good, this is how modern tradition is supposed to sound. (Online February 11, 2005)
- Metal Observer

"A Guitarist’s Record"

In the days of most thrash metal heading in the extreme, hardcore, or ‘death’ directions, there have not been many thrash metal bands that have played out sinister melodies with aggression to aggravate the assault a high melodic stake. But without giving into temptation, Canada’s Warmachine perpetrates the melodic speeding grind of bands such as Death Angel and Trouble; not letting their stance for hard driving catchiness get buried underneath the musical endurance that this trio leads.

Musically, the guitar solos and the riffs provide precision-minded complexity among the pulverizing riffage that thrusts at you like a sinister car crash, showing no mercy while dominating the thick sound of six string glory. That six string glory is provided by frontman Jo Di Taranto, who plays his solos with shredding precision, but yet he performs with plectonic sophistication. Such melodies led by his axework include “Empty,” “Forgotten Demise,” “Dust to Dust,” and “Betrayed,” where the straightforward metallic approach is portrayed alongside the riffs that lead the way. However, darker moments such as “Fate” and the powerful & moody “Eternally” show a gloomy side to the record, casting the shadow of withering emotion on the record.

Yes, it is a guitarist’s record, one that most of us have been longing for, not to mention that Warmachine understands the importance of great songs. And with the help Dave Ellefson (Megadeth) co-producing and playing bass on a few tracks, the whole mantra for melodic metal dominance is in overdrive. The band presents a tight groove, providing the backbone of bassist Andrea Zanini and drummer Andrew Zenti; where no keyboards are needed to further the rhythmic progressions involved. And to answer that final question most of you might ask, how are the vocals? They are clean, no growling, whereas Di Taranto sounds a bit like Midnight’s (Crimson Glory) lower range and Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian). So that might be a sigh of relief for some of you.

‘The beginning of the End’ is also reminiscent of the earlier albums from Jag Panzer, Crimson Glory, and Blind Guardian, so who knows what path this band might be on towards future releases.
- ytsejam.com

"Just the Beginning"

Back when Warmachine independently released its debut CD, The Beginning of the End, a few years ago, the Canadian headbangers offered a classic example of why not to judge a band by its name, cover and song titles. This heavy trio makes aggressive, melodic metal in the vein of Eighties arena rockers -- not some ultra-violent, crack-fueled San Francisco Bay-area thrash outfit, as Warmachine's name and album packaging might suggest. Think Dokken meets Judas Priest. Or Megadeth meets Helloween. In fact, ex-Megadeth bassist David Ellefson shows up on three tracks (“Betrayed,” “Empty” and “Taunted Souls”) on this re-release of the debut, now issued on Lance King's Nightmare Records. But who makes a metal album with help from two members of Harem Scarem, an aging melodic hard rock band that always seemed hesitant to get too heavy, lest the group isolate itself from a cult following? Warmachine, that's who. Harry Hess (“Eternally”) and Darren Smith (“Eye For an Eye”) sing their guts out and help this band sound like Harem Scarem on ’roids – complete with rousing choruses and melodies that'll sear your brain. "Taunted Souls" and "Apocalypse" sound even heavier, without sacrificing melody and finesse.

Here's hoping The Beginning of the End is really just the beginning ...

- Sea of Tranquility.org

"Order This Killer Album Right Now"

Warmachine is very promising, young aged Metal band locked and loaded to unleash their debut album "The Beginning Of The End". Don't take this title too serious because to me, this is the beginning of a glorious future for Warmachine.

They got company of some famous, excellent guest musicians such as Ralph Santolla (Iced Earth / Millenium), Harem Scarem shouter Harry Hess, Murray Daigle (Emerald Rain / Cauterize vocalist and producer of this piece of Metal), Darren Smith, Mike Dmitrovic, Sean Gregory and last but not least ex Megadeth bassist and co-producer of "The Beginning Of The End", Dave Ellefson. You will hear Dave's loaded bass duties on three songs of the entire album. Warmachine brings awesome Heavy / Power and some Thrash Metal to the world in a melodic way offered with oustanding musical skills.

Original vocalist Joe has a clear and unique kinda way of singing, hard to compare with anybody else. He has everything under control and is the owner of a world class voice to me. Vocalists developing their own style always caughts my intention in the first place. Talking about the guitar works here is quiet easy to do. Superb guitar works all over with smoking solo's and thynderous bass lines...awesome to the bone!! First part of the CD is fulfilled with pure Heavy / Power Metal songs with here and there an classic touch.

The other half of the album fires a few pure Thrash songs with style. Fast riffings with scorching chops...hell sure this feels great to me! Three Canadian youngsters surrounded by well known (guest) musicians delivered a magnificent piece of pure Metal made for all of you brothers and sisters out there. Follow your heart, be one with the forces of real steel and order this killer album right now.

Only True Metal maniacs allowed, false ones ignored!! Purchase at: www.nightmare-records.com or visit the Warmachine website HERE. MY POINTS: 91 / 100

- Metal to Infinity.com

"Warmachine tears up the HMV Metal Charts"

Warmachine made the following spots in Canada's HMV Top 20 Metal Charts in 2006

# 3 - March 28th - May 5th
# 8 - March 21st - 27th
# 11 - March 15th - 20th - HMV Canada


- Forever Angel (2012) (MondoTunes)

- Left for Dead (2010) (MondoTunes)

- The Beginning of the End (2005) (Nightmare Records)

- Demo 2001 (independent)

- Demo #2 (1999) (independent)

- Demo-lition (1998) (independent)



Hailing from Toronto, Canada, WARMACHINE is a promising, young four-piece ..hard rock/metal band. Their music consists of incorporating classic heavy metal influenced riffs, intertwining them with tasteful, catchy dual guitar melodies and harmonies, along with exceptional soloing and soaring vocals. In late 2006 the band released their debut album, "The Beginning of the End". Co-produced by Murray Daigle & David Ellefson (MEGADETH) the album was an extremely successful release. The album also features Ellefson playing Bass on several tracks. WARMACHINE's second full length album “Left for Dead”, is available now!!

In 2010 WARMACHINE bassist Alberto Campuzano joined Canadian Thrash Metal legends ANNIHILATOR as touring bassist.

Early 2012 also saw the addition of Drummer extraordinaire Darren Smith (ex-HAREM SCAREM) and the release of WARMACHINE's new single "Forever Angel"!

Be sure to check out WARMACHINE's New Video "MOVING ON" here!!: http://youtu.be/HnUiZgPTwZQ