Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies


Warm Bodies delivers energetic music that appeals to a diverse group of listeners in a variety of different atmospheres


Stylistically, the band draws its influence from artists like Radiohead, Big Star, Nick Drake, etc... However, the band uses an interesting mix of electronics, guitars, and percussion to create their own original sound. With producer extraordanaire Tony Bruno at the helm, Warm Bodies put together a 9 song demo( 4 of which are featured on this page), that has been getting rave reviews across the board. Now playing out as a five piece, with shows up and down the East Coast, Warm Bodies are planning to take over the world.


The demo is called Smile and Sigh; No singles have been released

Set List

Sets usually last between an hour to two hours

Set List
1. Misplaced
2. With You
3. Photograph
4. Cancer and Candy
5. Sleepwalkers
6. All that I can do
7. Walk the ground
8. Blindside
9. Calming Waters

1. Talking Heads- Psycho Killer
2. David Bowie- Suffargette City