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"Paul Quinn, Drummer for Teenage Fanclub"

"Songs are really good." - Paul Quinn

"Stomp and Stammer"

“….Warm in the Wake have released an extraordinary debut CD. Called Port of Quick Returns, it pits acoustic cosmic-folk amidst organic morning-dew psychedelia, sparking all the right synapses. Where have these guys been all my life?......Must….Hear….More.” - Jeff Clark

"Review for Gold Dust Trail EP"

"It might not be a bad one to pick up either, as Warm in the Wake pull from some lovely indie standbys like Wilco and Grandaddy, and some more recent acts like Ambulance LTD and American Analog Set. And if you donxt buy that indie bullshit, there is a little Neil Young and the Band thrown in there as wellx.strong enough to suggest the possibility of growth on their eventual full length- plan on hearing more from them." - American Songwriter Magazine

"Gold Dust Trail EP Review"

"Livewire has a knack for digging up bands who know how to write warm and relaxing pop songs and I think that Good King is the pinnacle of that, especially since it sounds like a Southern version of something The Shins would create. I think every part of this song is pretty stellar but what really stands out for me is Christopher Rowell's warmth filled vocals. This is a gem, check it out now.
In Tame Thoughts you get another Southern pop song but this one is a little shorter and a slight bit more melodic. The good thing is that it works just as well as the super relaxing ways of Good King and, if anything, I think it's great that the band doesn't only roll out one particular sound. This is one of those songs that you will find yourself humming when you don't realize it." - SideOneTrackOne.com

"Review for Gold Dust Trail EP"

"...the EP's songs are filled with well-spun pop-Americana, tinged with the occasional jangly or twangy guitar and perfect piano/keyboards accompaniments." - Athens Banner-Herald Marquee

"Gold Dust Trail EP Review"

"...the band has the talent and the pleasing sort of sound that is bound to win over at least a few listeners' hearts. Combining the soft, gentle rocking of 21st century indie rock with a slight country twang, Warm in the Wake reminds listeners of acts such as Jason Collett (of Broken Social Scene)... the band is able to craft engaging melodies that hold up." - Daily Tarheel (Chapel Hill, NC)

"EP Reviews"

"...this band has obvious talent and passion." - Flagpole Magazine (Athens, GA)

"E.P. Review"

"…Nods to the modern Dixie underground…Seven fluid songs that make a compelling case for a jangle-rock revival." - MAGNET

"EP Review"

"This adventurous new EP serves up Southern-tinged psychedelic roots-pop with a touch of old school country goodness." - PASTE Magazine


American Prehistoric LP (Street date 8/28/07)

Gold Dust Trail EP 2007


Speak Plainly EP 2008




WARM IN THE WAKE (Tour Dates/Press Below)

"Name-checking famous mythologists & noted archipelagos, there is no lack of intellectual rigor here, but Warm in the Wake know when to ditch the pens and set off a slow-burning Southern pyschpop bonfire that crackles and pops with Eels/Grandaddy/CSNY-inspired goodness long into the night." - AM NEW YORK

We grew up in the south. Along the way we have played music for many good people. We have also met Catahoula leopard hounds, cypress knees, molten iron, old Brooklyn firehouses, the people of Leicester (pronounced Lester in western N.C.), the third tier of the Channel 6 TV tower, fine Italian wedding cookies, a rude musical hero, an inquisitive cottonmouth, a strong god of the Forge, a brilliant musical stranger, a doomed entrepreneur, M.Ward, a Pez dispenser owned by the Cox-Arquettes, a stubborn friend, a red slot canyon, a nearly frozen Hellbender, a doubtful DNR representative, a guitar with character, a vengeful neighbor, a smiling dog, the caverns of Pilsen, the saddest of all counties, a gritty scuppernong, a satisfied Barracuda, Charles Simic, the underside of a train, a registered liar, the perfect Old Fashioned, the Twin falls.

Playing together on and off since they were teenagers, WARM IN THE WAKE's Christopher Rowell (vocals, guitar, bass) and James Taylor Jr. (drums) come from a rich musical past in Birmingham, AL. Rowell performed and recorded with Regia and members of Verbena, while Taylor played with future members of The Drive By Truckers. Brothers Daniel Barker (keyboards) and Andy Barker (bass) hail from Ft. Payne, AL (also home to country's ALABAMA) and have shared stages with Kings of Leon and Willie Nelson.

In 1997 Chris Rowell moved to Atlanta and became a founding member of King Lear Jet. Later joined by Taylor and Barker, KLJ released an L.P. and enjoyed a modicum of success with songs licensed to several Fox TV shows (Felicity, Dawson's Creek), a couple of PBS shows and the independent film Tadpole, eventually evolving and changing their name to WARM IN THE WAKE.

The Birmingham/Atlanta band joined forces with Livewire Recordings in 2006 and released an EP called GOLD DUST TRAIL in early 2007. Receiving strong College and AAA Radio support, the band debuted at #10 most added in the country on CMJ s Top 30 chart.

Riding the strength of their GOLD DUST TRAIL EP, the boys headed into to Atlanta GA's Vintage Vibe Productions inbetween touring on the EP's release. The LP was mastered in London's Abbey Road Studios by Steve Rooke (Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Wilco) in the spring of 2007. AMERICAN PREHISTORIC was released as the first full-length- chock full of soundscapes, cosmic harmonies and southern ballads. The LP made more than a dozen "Best of the Year" lists including Paste Magazine's Top 100 list.

After touring nationally behind two U.S. releases in 2007 and 2008, WARM IN THE WAKE retreated to Atlanta in the summer of 2008 to record new material. The first batch of songs culled in the southern heat was released digitally last fall and on vinyl later in May of 2009 as the SPEAK PLAINLY EP.

WARM IN THE WAKE have plans to release their sophomore LP nationally in fall of 2009.



XM Radio XMU/The Loft
CFRE Mississauga, ON #3
CHYZ Quebec City, PQ #4
discoverRadio Plano, TX #5
KNOM Nome, AK #4
KNSU Thibodaux, LA #5
KNWD Natchitoches, LA #5
KOPN Columbia, MO #4
KRCL Salt Lake City, UT #2
KRTU San Antonion, TX #3
KRVS Lafayette, LA #2
KSAU Nacogdoches, TX #4
KSCL Shreveport, LA #4
KTUH Honolulu, HI #4
KYVT Yakima, WA #3
WALT Davidson, NC #4
WAUG Rock Island, IL #1
WBGU Bowling Green, OH #3
WCDB Albany, NY #4
WDOM Providence, RI #4
WEEK Pendleton, IN #3
WERU East Orland, ME #3
WESN Blommington, IL #5
WFAL Bowling Green, OH #1
WHFR Dearborn, MI #5
WIDR Kalamazoo, MI #5
WLOY Baltimore, MD #4
WMCO New COnconrd, OH #2
WMLU Farmville, VA #2
WMTS Murfreesboro, TN #4
WNRN Charlottesville, VA #3
WRGW Washington, DC #3
WRHU Hempstead, NY #5
WRRC Lawrenceville, NJ #5
WSCW Worcester, MA #4
WSRI Eau Claire, WI #1
WUSM Hattiesburg, MS #5
WVBU Lewisburg, PA #2
WVUD Newark, DE #5
WVUR Valparaiso, IN #5
WXCU Columbus, OH #2
WXJM Harrisonburg, VA #3
WXVU Villanova, PA #3
KWSB Gunnsison, CO #28
WIUV Castelton, VT #26
WMLU Farmville, VA #24
WSBF Clemson, SC #27
WXCU Columbus, OH #14


Paste Magazine EP Review

"Hailing from some sleepy, no-name town called Decatur, Ga., this tirelessly touring group has shared the stage with artists as eclectic as Kings of Leon and Willie Nelson. Finding its sound somewhere between the two, this EP serves up southern rock with a side of old-school country goodness."

Amplifier Magazine

"If this is
what Warm in the Wake can
accomplish in a mere seven
tracks, the full length they�re work-
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