Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
BandHip Hop

Not cut from the same cloth as the rest, Warrbuckss spits whatever is on his mind. If you enjoy it, play it. If you dont, get your ears checked!


Oklahoma City isnt known as an epicenter of rap, but Warrbuckss is changing that.  The up-and-coming MC has thrilled Thunder City audiences with his no-holds-barred lyrics, nasty style, and smooth flow.  With a few mix tapes under his belt, awesome live shows, and a devoted global fanbase, Warrbuckss is getting ready to take on the rest of the country. 


Warrbuckss comes from a background that seems like the polar opposite of hip-hop.  My dad, my grandpa, my brother they were all traveling while playing bluegrass music, he told the Oklahoma City Gazette. That helped me because I have a wide spectrum of music I like, as well as understanding production and how to survive in the music industry. 


Despite his upbringing, Warrbuckss grew up listening to old-school West Coast rap and writing raps and poems.  His enthusiasm for music led him to DJ at parties, where he would rap to instrumentals for fun. In 2009, he started playing live shows.  I was booked on a showcase show in [OKC neighborhood] Bricktown. It went over so well, I havent stopped performing live shows or making music since. 


Warrbuckss stands apart from the crowd both for his laid-back flow influenced by MCs like Snoop Dogg and Devin the Dude and for his all-encompassing lyrical subject matter. Hes written songs about fatherhood, sexual exploits, his weight, and his age. Being older than most of the cats doing it definitely makes me stand out, he said to the Gazette. Most people are shocked when I get onstage, cause they dont see it coming and are usually won over by the time Im done.


So far, audiences are responding in a big way.  Warrbucksss tracks have cropped up on blogs from around the world, and hes attracted new fans by appearing as a warm-up act for national headliners like Ke$ha, Killer Mike, and Asher Roth.  The hard work Warrbuckss has put into putting his music into the world has paid off: I love the day after a show in a new city when you get new followers on your social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Thats how you can tell if you put it all out there or not. 


No matter how big Warrbuckss gets, he hasnt forgotten where he came from.  Hes committed to helping his fellow Oklahomans get a slice of the spotlight.  I grew up in Oklahoma City and love this place.  Im hoping to shine a light on our city and help make a lane for other artists from OKC to get some national exposure.


Almost Famous (2010)

The One (2011)


Nocturne (2012)

The Waylon Jethro Project (2013)

Just the Tip (2014)