Warren Caldwell and Authentic Praise

Warren Caldwell and Authentic Praise


Warren Caldwell and Authentic Praise will impact your congregation with a "high-energy, spirit-filled, shout of praise session" to the Lord. He provides an unparalleled worship experience as he creates spiritual moments and ushers you into the throne room of Christ.


The Story Behind the Music

Have you ever faced a traumatic and such difficult situation that you knew the only way through it was to rely on God? Growing up on the dark side of town, with bullets flying and drugs all around, often has the tendency to taint the eyes of a child. In dealing with the heartache of an abusive, alcohol based, and disconnected family life, he sought out a wrong lifestyle to help subside the pain. With a five-year prison term sitting before him, nineteen year old Warren had nowhere to turn but to God.
Although Warren found himself in these tragic circumstances, he had a background of involvement in the church, and was very respected in his community. God had gifted Warren with many musical talents. He had been playing in the band, directing choirs, and leading worship services ever since he was eight years old. Who would have ever thought this young and musically gifted individual could have wandered into these situations? By the mercy and grace of God, Warren was delivered from the hands of the enemy . Warrens first Sunday back to church was one filled with love, support, and blessings. As the Holy Spirit fell upon him, Warren began to shake with conviction and was compelled to repent before the God of Creation and the congregation. The following months of Bible study, and prayer before the Lord, lead Warren to a heart of deliverance, understanding, and a call to serve. Warren now spends his time ministering to people all across the country, with the support of his family. His particular focus is on ministering to people who need to be delivered from obsessions, addictions, and afflictions. It is the cry of his heart to see people recognize their sin, see Gods’ love, to repent of their shortcomings, and be set free. He shares a message of hope and encouragement because God has delivered him from the hands of lust, pride, and confusion. He believes God can, and will do the same for anyone else who actively pursues healing. God has anointed Warren to minister to all nations through music and preaching. You can see how the musical gifts of his youth have blossomed into a heart-driven, high-energy, truth-based proclamation of Christ. We see time and again how people are touched and healed through an evening of praise and Spirit-led worship.

The Music

Warrens love of Christ, people, and his life experiences are the major influences of his music. Although he enjoys a wide variety of styles and has several mentors, Warren’s music reflects a Pop/Rock sound in a Contemporary setting, with an Urban background. He has a universal style that is appropriate for all ages and races. He has a diverse background in music ministries, as he has directed several choirs, and lead many congregations as the leader of worship on the East Coast. Through the years Warren has sang on the stage with noted artists such as John P. Kee, Donald Vales, Joe Pace, Sam Kindrix and others.
Warren is excited and willing to come to your church, conference, festival, fair, or events. He is in the search to deliver souls. Warren anxiously awaits to have the opportunity to bless you and your congregation!


House Shaka

Written By: Warren Caldwell

Throw your hands up high and wave them to the sky
House shaka house shaka do the house shaka
Please don’t be ashamed to call out Jesus name
House shaka house shaka do the house shaka
Praises to Messiah and watch Him take us higher
House shaka house shaka do the house shaka
If you don’t give a shout the rocks themselves
they will cry out
House shaka house shaka do the house shaka
Paul & Silas (locked in jail)
Living with men (on their way to hell)
So they sang (they sang)
They prayed (they prayed)
Until God stepped in and broke those chains
The jail begin to shake & open came the gates
God yes set them free, set them free indeed
You must feel the fire burning on the inside
House shaka house shaka do the house shaka
Don’t keep it to yourself, you must show
it on the outside
House shaka house shaka do the house shaka
Praises to Messiah and watch him take us higher
House shaka house shaka do the house shaka
Let me see you move to this glorious gospel groove
House shaka house shaka do the house shaka
Repeat Chorus
If God has shaken up anything in your life,
throw your hands up move them left to the right
if He’s help you win your fight
God is not dead He’s still alive (repeat to end song)

Don't Give Up

Written By: Paul Whitley

Things are never perfect because of trials and pains
But always show thanksgiving don’t ever, ever blame
Our God is forever hold on to what you know
He always keeps His promise because He loves us so
Don’t give up - no. (Repeat 4 times)
No matter what you’re going through
Your friends they may forsake you
Through trials and tribulations
The battle is already won
If you just keep believing the sun is gonna shine
All things are possible if you see it in your mind
No weapon formed against me will ever stand a chance
I’ll worship Him no matter the circumstance.
Don’t give up - no. (Repeat 4 times)
No matter what you’re going through
Your friends they may forsake you
Through trials and tribulations
The battle is already won
Vamp: Keep holding on
No matter how bad it seems
You gotta maintain it will be worth it all

My Life Is Not Over

Written By: Warren Caldwell

My life was in darkness
Couldn’t give you a peak
Of the cloud that lingered all over me
That had me feeling so weak
I tried to fake it
But my mind couldn’t take it
I nearly cracked up thinking death
was the way to move the pain away
But now I can say
My life is not over now cause
I’m recovered from the lost and found
I stand before you now like a
Bold soldier standing on battleground
Now I have victory over my life
Cause God in heaven has forgiven
Me for all my sin and strife
He gave me power He gave me strength
To conquer over those things that had me bound
So I reverse the curse and sent it hell bound
Repeat Chorus
Now you must understand my phase in
Order for you to understand my praise
For God my hands I must raise so
Don’t look at me in awe and just be amazed
I’m just a sinner you can relate
Saved by grace and want to give God his due
And if you look over your life
You’ll flip the script and give
Him praise too (so come on)
Bridge: My hands I raise I give Him praise
I give Him praise for my soul His life He paid
Vamp: My life is not over My life is not over now

Praises To The King

Written By: Warren Caldwell

Everybody lift up your voice
Come on and rejoice
And magnify the Lord with me
Everybody shout out and sing
Hallelujah to the King of kings
Everybody lift up your up your voice
And praise the Lord with me
Everybody lift up your voice
Come on and rejoice and sing
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Praises to the King of kings
Everybody clap your hands, Stomp your feet,
Move to the rhythm to this Christian beat
Give Him praise for all that He’s done the
Holy One, the one who made
the stars and the sun
Give Him all the praise, you know
He’s worthy yes
Give Him all the praise
come give the Lord your best
Shout the victory, He’s worthy to be praised
Shout the victory and glory to His name
Repeat Chorus:
Talk Verse: Come on let a
shout ring out to the Lord
All you people, let me here you shout
Joyfully unto the Lord our God.
For the Lord is great and greatly to be praised,
Come on all ye people Let’s
give the Lord a shabach praise.
Vamp: I’m standing here to give Him praise,
I’m standing here right here right here
I’m standing here to give Him praise,
I’m standing here right here right here
Right here right here, right here
right here, right here right here.

A Love Song (dedicated to my wife)

Written By: Warren Caldwell

I sing to you a love song, My heart to you it belongs
I sing to you a love song, Yes I give my love to you

Most days we spend together start off cool
Anything you want girl I’ll try to do
I’ll work my fingers down to the bone
Just to show my love for you - - I sing
Repeat Chorus:

These feelings I have they’re so crystal clear
And when you’re not around I feel your presence here
We go together like a hand in a glove
So baby let me sing to you the song of love

Repeat Chorus:


Girl I’m so happy and appreciative to your love
And I’ll do anything girl to make
sure nothing comes between us
Please forgive me if I offended anyone
But if love is a crime then I’m a crook
I wanna share my love with you girl

Repeat Chorus to end song

Yes You Are

Written By: Warren Caldwell

Yes you are the one who wiped away my tears
Yes you are the one who calmed all my fears
I believe it was your merciful and loving grace
That brought me near and made it clear
Holy One, Glorious, Prince of Peace
I’m lifting up holy hands to worship thee
For you are worthy of all my praise
So I speak to you Lord Jesus and say
Repeat Chorus:
Jehovah Elyon, Elohim, Tsidkeenu,
I give it all – All I got to worship you.
Lord I bow before you this day,
With weeping tears I cry – Elohay
Repeat Chorus:
Lead: Lord I bow before you this day,
With weeping tears I cry – Elohay
Chorus:Yes you are, (Repeat to end song)


The Warren Caldwell Project: ‘House Shaka’
Edgy, Powerful, and Anointed. It is Warren’s desire that people experience not just a melody but a rapturing experience. With the hit single “House Shaka”, Warren ask his listeners to clap their hands and stomp their feet. Taking them into a funky spiritual high, asking them to jump if God has ever shaken up anything in their lives. Other noted songs on this project include “Praises To The King”- a worshiping anthem, “Don’t Give Up” and “Make Away”-which lets his listeners know God is a way maker no matter your circumstance, and just so he would not leave anyone out, He wrote a song dedicated to his wife titled “A Love Song” that is meaningful, soulful and one that every couple would want to hold hands to. Allow him to speak into your spirit from this anointed cd. It could be your day of breakthrough.

Set List

We have two sets:
10-15 minute set.
1)Intro song ' Come Give God Praise
2)Don't Give UP
3)Hit single 'House Shaka
45 minute set:
1)Intro Song 'Come give God praise
2)He changed me
3)Yes you are or Don't give up
4)My life is not over
5)House Shaka

We de do cover songs. Those are used to either fill a show to make it longer. And I may share those songs with the congregation if we are in high worship.