Warren Hein/Songwriter

Warren Hein/Songwriter

 San Jose, California, USA

Not a performer, but a damn fine songwriter who sings his own compositions, Warren Hein is a throw-back to the days when an album had no bad cuts! Listen to his latest, No Formal Training and decide for yourself.


Warren Hein is a songwriter with multi-genre compositions that run the gamet from alternative Rock to Folk, but always with great lyrical imagination and wonderfully melodic songs. His new album is titled No Formal Training, and is collection of some of his best work. He is not a performer, though sings his own songs. The great Wade Mosher is Hein's producer.


The Graveyard Shift

Written By: Warren Hein

The Graveyard Shift
© 2008, 2012 Words and Music by Warren Hein

Verse 1
In this blurry cafe, I write a song that doesn’t fit
When daylight comes, it’ll be my time to quit
Tonight I have dinosaur eyes
But I’m no T-Rex man, I won’t slowly die
Another napkin attempt
To write something the world might like
But in this hour can I get it right?
It’s the graveyard shift

Chorus 1
That pretty waitress called me angel
Can I find the nerve to talk to her?
And was that her skirt that brushed my table?
Love at first sight, or for a bigger tip?
Hell who knows
It’s the graveyard shift

Verse 2
When it’s added all up, I’d buy my own story again
When it’s added all up, I’d get a 7, no an 8 out of 10
‘Cuz I’m the fool who limped that extra mile
I’m the drooling suburb hero clicking through life’s turnstiles
This might be a helluva stretch—
When it’s time for God’s flashlight,
Will I be half bad or just half right?
In this graveyard shift…

Chorus 2
Outside the hobo talks to angels
He smiles and nods when our eyes meet
He seems to recognize my table
As if he once dined where I now sit
It’s too ironic
Even for the graveyard shift

It’s the graveyard shift
The graveyard shift, etc…


No Formal Training--CD released in May 2012