Warren (D.) Kimmel
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Warren (D.) Kimmel

Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Smart, Soulful,Open,Human,and catchy as hell"

Warren is a very talented singer/songwriter/instrumentalist whose first CD shows him to be someone who is unafraid to expose his humanity,his love of life,and his willingness to poke fun at himself.

Anybody who really enjoys well written songs with a driving, acoustic-based flavor (John Mayer, Dave Matthews) will be pleased with the album.. Personally the standout track to me is "Seven Days," but I also really like the drive of "Hard Being Me" and "Creatures," as well as the humor and hooks of "The Boyfriend Song" and "Has Anybody Seen Molly?". All in all- a first rate debut,and a hint of great stuff to follow. - Dave Rudbarg (R&B singer)

"Is Warren Kimmel the new Elvis Costello?"

Is Warren Kimmel the new Elvis Costello? His name may not hearken back to a rockabilly icon of old but there are more important similarities. Namely, Elvis, er, Mr. Costello, and Mr. Kimmel both have a knack for intelligent and heartfelt songcraft. Neither is exactly a Top-40 hook master but both have proven themselves quite capable of laying down a melody you find yourself humming on the elevator. They also both have a tendency to sing more about love lost than love found, wishing for what could be rather than basking in what is.

They're also both audacious enough to try their hands at different genres, with Mr. Kimmel spanning pop, rock, a bit of soul, a touch of classical/jazz guitar, and a taste of the kind of song that has its hand in twitchy alternative rock, top-40 radio, and the
back of a pub. I could easily imagine hearing just about all of the songs on Mr. Kimmel's CD on the radio. There is, however, one last trait joining Warren and Elvis: namely, both write songs that push their vocal chords past comfortable limits. Warren's voice is a bit
stronger and smoother overall than Elvis', but while Mr. Costello somehow works his nasal delivery into the fabric of his songs Mr. Kimmel sings straight-forwardly and in earnest, and his voice is audibly straining in several places. In today's era of the hyper-
polished performer this type of thing is much more obvious than it would be in, say, the late 60's. The musicianship is first-rate throughout, with great guitar riffs and solos that don't overshadow the songs and backup vocals that are soulful and smooth.

I recommend this album to anyone as evidence that songwriting can be thoughtful without being self-absorbed and boring or self-absorbed and juvenile. Mr. Kimmel, carry the torch!
- Guy Ardito


Zen Roses (LP) - released 2006



Warren Kimmel always gives us something to think about. His music offers us a unique, intimate look into the heart and mind of a thoughtful, intelligent soul able to find the wisdom in our lighter moments and the humor in our darker ones.

Warren is a New York based guitarist and singer-songwriter who has written and played music since he was 9 years old. He has played and written with a number of groups and artists including Verb, The Molly Magoonis Band, Bag One, and Lauren Echo. In 2003 he collaborated with David Spritzer to compose the soundtrack for "The Understudy," a short film produced by Aunt Agony Films for the Midnight Madness Film Festival. In March 2006, he released his highly anticipated debut album, Zen Roses.

Zen Roses showcases Warren's signature blend of insightful lyrics and memorable melodies wonderfully joined with the full sound of a band of talented musicians. The album also represents his first experience with mixing and co-producing his own record. In his own words:

"I wanted this record to be a showcase for songs that I’ve written over the past several years but never performed with a band. As a solo performer I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy banging out the songs on an acoustic guitar while being unable to reproduce all of the parts I heard in my head. It’s really satisfying to hear these songs with all of the parts I envisioned."

One thing that is so revitalizing about Warren as a musician and songwriter is his deep appreciation for music and what it can mean for people.

"The thing I enjoy most when performing is that I get a chance to bring people together and have them connect with each other. I believe that music is a communal and collaborative art, and it’s very fulfilling to be able to share that art with other musicians and with an audience."

This is evident on Zen Roses and when seeing Warren's dynamic live performances.