Warren (D.) Kimmel

Warren (D.) Kimmel


If you like Barenaked Ladies, Dave Matthews, and John Mayer, you'll like what we play. Insightful lyrics, memorable hooks, and a very talented band.


Warren Kimmel always gives us something to think about. His music offers us a unique, intimate look into the heart and mind of a thoughtful, intelligent soul able to find the wisdom in our lighter moments and the humor in our darker ones.

Warren is a New York based guitarist and singer-songwriter who has written and played music since he was 9 years old. He has played and written with a number of groups and artists including Verb, The Molly Magoonis Band, Bag One, and Lauren Echo. In 2003 he collaborated with David Spritzer to compose the soundtrack for "The Understudy," a short film produced by Aunt Agony Films for the Midnight Madness Film Festival. In March 2006, he released his highly anticipated debut album, Zen Roses.

Zen Roses showcases Warren's signature blend of insightful lyrics and memorable melodies wonderfully joined with the full sound of a band of talented musicians. The album also represents his first experience with mixing and co-producing his own record. In his own words:

"I wanted this record to be a showcase for songs that I’ve written over the past several years but never performed with a band. As a solo performer I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy banging out the songs on an acoustic guitar while being unable to reproduce all of the parts I heard in my head. It’s really satisfying to hear these songs with all of the parts I envisioned."

One thing that is so revitalizing about Warren as a musician and songwriter is his deep appreciation for music and what it can mean for people.

"The thing I enjoy most when performing is that I get a chance to bring people together and have them connect with each other. I believe that music is a communal and collaborative art, and it’s very fulfilling to be able to share that art with other musicians and with an audience."

This is evident on Zen Roses and when seeing Warren's dynamic live performances.


Hard Being Me

Written By: Warren D. Kimmel

Well, it's hard being me
It's harder being my car
but it's hard being me

It's hard being me
It's harder on my car by far
But it's hard being me

So I walked in the rain
Had a happy accident
when I walked in the rain
I walked in the rain
Not gonna tell you what comes next
But I walked in the rain

Well, it's hard being me
I had a happy accident
so I walked in the rain
I walked in the rain
Not gonna tell you what comes next
But it's hard being me

Say No More

Written By: Warren D. Kimmel & Vito Pandolfo

You're like an open book
but I don't know how to read you
or even look between the lines
And if I was a crook
and I ever tried to steal you
The punishment would fit the crime

You're like a pop fly
but I don't know how to catch you
with all this clutter in my hands
You're like a crowded beach
on Labor Day weekend
Wanna build a castle in your sand

And I know well enough, leave well enough alone
and I might be crazy, but I wanna take you home

So don't you worry 'bout the consequence
(you don't have to say no more)
Don't have to prove your innocence
(you don't have to say no more)
There's nothing left to say in self defense
(you don't have to say no more)
No time for sitting on the fence
(you don't have to say no more)

Can't Run Away

Written By: lyrics by Warren D. Kimmel

Tell me something
Is it buried in the sand
Is it sacred and invisible
Is it something I can't understand
Is it hiding out in nowhere
Is it written on the wall
Can I hear it in the echo of your footsteps
as you run it down the hall?

You can't run away
You can't even walk away
Don't look away

My head is spinning
and I don't want to look down
We're not afraid of falling
We're just afraid to hit the ground
Forever looking
For that karmic turnaround
Put your feet back on the ground
'cause you can't run away
You can't even walk away...


Zen Roses (LP) - released 2006

Set List

Each set is approximately 50 minutes. If only 1 set, the songs are typically all originals. If more than one set, then 2 or 3 covers may be included.