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"Spill Mag"

We sit on the dimly lit stage of the
Hoxton Bar & Grill’s music venue,
a motley group of musicians,
journalists, and photographers. We
drink mint tea, and some of us drink
whiskey. It’s daylight outside, but
it’s dark in here. On the stage there
is a raggedy red leather couch. Red
like blood. Red for Warren Suicide.
There is one freestanding light with
bare light bulbs, and a few stage lights
pointing at nothing in particular.
There is a pile of gear in the middle of
the room which at fi rst glance would
suggest that Warren Suicide were a
band of many more people than just
three. And once there were more, once
there were four...but now there is
only three.
Warren Suicide is Nackt, Cherie, and
Bert-ill. It used to be Nackt, Cherie,
Bert-ill, and Fremdkeorper, but he’s
been missing since last August (we’ll
come to that in a minute). Oh, and
Warren, of course.
Well, Warren isn’t an actual person,
he is more of an imaginary incarnate
who shows up when life is right and
wrong, and everything in between.
He is a feeling, an ironic playmate;
the good, the bad, and the ugly. He
is the Id, the Ego, the Superego, and
the Unconscious. “Warren is a lot of
different things, and all in one at the
same time” explains Nackt. “Cherie met
him fi rst, so she really has some kind
of partnership, relationship with him.
Cherie is his mother. I met him later so
he’s more like a playing friend to me.
He is the inspiration and the guide. He
is the things that we don’t try to defi ne,
we don’t like to think for hours ‘where
does that come from?’ we just call that
Warren.” So Warren is Warren. You dig?
Back to the living breathing members;
this wildly charming and dangerously
poignant trio work together like
a well-oiled machine. They have a
contagiously playful nature that oozes
creativity. The juxtaposition of their
cheeky merriment and the intensity
of their music is in no way false, but
surprising and electrifying. Behind
their light-hearted mischievousness is
the wisdom that comes from working
hard to fulfi l your dreams and losing a
friend along the way. Cherie remarks,
“Fremdkeorper translates in English to
‘Foreign Object’, and he gave himself
that name. So it’s no wonder (he’s
gone missing). And he was missing
all of the time to be honest, he didn’t
show up to some shows, he didn’t
get some of his fl ights. We think he is
going to come back. But we still don’t
know where he is to be honest.” Nackt
explains, “He was meant to come to the
studio, and we were like ‘ok, see you
tomorrow at 3’ and he never showed
up. It was too much for him dealing
with a lot of things, and we were trying
to be the best friends that we could,
but it wasn’t in our hands.”
“I think he is coming back because
he is a romantic, and I think he will
recover” remarks Bert-ill. “He is very
close to Warren” Cherie chimes in. “In a
way, he became Warren for us, because
we were thinking of him when we
were making the rest of the album,
but we had to go on”. Nackt goes on to
say, “The only really exciting thing to
me about this is...what is he thinking
now? that is like the million dollar
question. Otherwise, it’s like any
other kind of goodbye, but he just
skipped that moment and the
So what do they sound
like? Well, Warren Suicide
reckon they’ve started a new
genre, “I don’t know how to
describe it (our music) because
if I did I would have to compare
it to something that is already out”
says Nackt. “I saw on the fl yer that they
called us Future Rock ‘n Roll...I like that”
Cherie says smiling, “but if I wanted to tell
someone, I would just show them the pictures”. “I
sometimes feel like I am playing the soundtrack
to Warren’s psychotic life” says Bert-ill. Their
debut album ‘The Hello’ is an amalgamation of
many existing genres including Electro, Punk,
Rock, Industrial and more...but Nackt is right,
it’s pointless to compare them to anything else
because Warren Suicide is like nothing you’ve
ever heard before. And after listening to the
album and meeting the band, I wouldn’t want to
compare it to anything else. It is what it is, and it’s
Later when they take to the stage, the room
goes completely dark, the only light is from the
projector playing Cherie’s animations
of Warren and her many other
creations. It’s a wonder Nackt
can reach the microphone
as he thrashes around
with his guitar, within
minutes he sheds his
sweaty t-shirt and a wild
sense of hedonism fi lls
the air. Bert-ill stomps
the living shit out of his
drum set, his dreadlocks
bouncing along to the
relentless beat. And Cherie’s
tender and ethereal vocals
come through to juxtapose the
musical mayhem happening on
stage. They want you to leave their
show feeling “Exhausted, Excited, and
Inspired!!”, and they want you - Spill Mag


Warren Suicide EP1, 2002 Vinyl
Warren Suicide
- Trash technology - Twelve
- Generation Aldi Remix - Miss

Listen to National Radio Stations, Picture Disc, 2003
- A Song for Warren´s Lover
- The Woman just stood there
- Butcher Boy

Warren Suicide, Single, 2002 Fume Records
Warren Suicide
- Enjac Remix
- Transporterraum Remix

Warren Suicide CD/ DVD
- Warren Suicide
- The Woman just stood there
- Twelve
- Butcher Boy
- Black Planet
- A Song for Warren´s Lover
- Trash Technology

The Hello, 2006, Fume Records
01. Warren Suicide
02. Fulford
03. Wer'e Adjusting Ourselves
04. Signal
05. I Know You
06. Twelve
07. All In One
08. Butcher Boy
09. Blow Out The Sun
10. Yer Blues
11. Addiction

div. Remixes, incl. Placebo, Tatu, Nothern Lite...




Berlin-based band Warren Suicide see themselves as an audio-visual art experience and artist collective which does not follow any clear scheme or old structures. Cherie (Vocals & visuals) and Nackt (vocals & guitar) are the core of the band, performing their music live on stage with various musicians who are friends of theirs. Therefore, any additional member of the band is a variable which even underlines the uniqueness of the band and every single concert turns into a unparalleled event.

Their music is Electronic that rocks. It’s romance which sinks its poison teeth deep into your flesh.

Warren Suicide originated 2003 in a loft in Neukölln, Berlin. Two men, Nackt and Fremdkörper, were working on songs in the studio, they were looking for a sound, a character. Cherie was sitting in the kitchen, heard the notes and drew a strange figure onto the paper in front of her. A small face appeared in, the outlines slightly contorted, the body of the slender figure, asexual, thin arms and legs. It smiled carefully, the teeth looking like those of a fish, the eyes with the look of a new-born baby, but wide open. Warren Suicide was born.

Next door, the first song was created, starting with the words: “Hello, hello, my name is Warren Suicide”. Ever since then, the musicians, the music and Warren existed, unseperable also in reality. Warren is no invisible band member or some cartoon character as it’s the case with Gorillaz – he is an essence, he activates the musicians - Warren Suicide lies somewhere between the imaginable and the apprehended.

In April 2006, the first album was released on Fume Records in England, and listening to it in its entirety one knows: the great thing about Warren Suicide is that they can’t be compared with anyone else because what they do has never been done before. It’s spaced out and commercial but deep down inside it’s anarchic and unsettled.

The band has also caused an irritating stir mainly abroad (Europe / USA) when playing festivals and club tours – with their ecstatic mixture of Electrofuzz, Punk, Pop and Comic-Visuals. The BBC invited them to play a radio gig, currently Gods of Blitz and Duné are getting remixes by the band – in the past artists such as Placebo, Dub Pistols and Die Happy worked with Warren Suicide on their remixes. Yoko Ono loves them and at the end of last year, they supported IAMX on his European tour, as well as supporting
Northern Lite on selected dates. At the moment, Placebo’s producer Dimitri is working on a new album with Warren Suicide which is scheduled to be released in Spring 2008.

Apart from their remixing and theatre activities ("Das trunkene Schiff", "Die Leiden des jungen Werther", both theatre plays in Frankfurt) Warren Suicide have brought to life a unique festival called Signal – the Berlin string theory with “party arty Diktator” Yaneq (p-pack) and Ben Lauber (Transporterraum). This an art and music project which has brought together a large number of bands and artists such as Pitchtuner, Elke (Paula), Dirk von Lowtzow (Tocotronic), Jovanka v. Willsdorf (Quarks), Gina D´orio vs Soffie O.,Susie van der Meer and Gods of Blitz to name but a few. They re-recorded a few songs with a string quartet at the ChezCherie, the Warren Suicide studio. The paintings which were created at the same time by Party Arty painter and the album created by all artists will be released as a limited edition at the beginning of next year.

Warren Suicide is starting to have an effect on other areas as well – for example on the
soundtrack of Wim Wender’s “Land of Plenty”. Excessive parties: “Signal 1” at Kreuzberg’s ballroom where more than 100 international artists and musicians united and let off steam for 4 days under the Warren Suicide motto “We got a signal”. Exhibitions of Cheries artwork and paintings. At Munich’s Prinzregententheater at the staging of Becketts “Godot”. Sometimes even in the background, for example the playstation games “Grandtourismo” and “Driver”.

Warren Suicide: they are unpredictable – thrown into life by people who step out of a drawing on paper, onto the stage, into the world where he reaches the most remote parts of the world – he still isn’t pretty - that’s what you get when your name reflects what you are and what you can become.. every single day we voluntarily die a bit more.

Warren Suicide however is the power that nourishes you because he is not afraid of anything in this world. Not of unfinished sentences – or even life itself !

watch live bits at youtube: