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The best kept secret in music


1994 – BET Rap City –– Old Skool Wednesdays - BET

1999- Kit Kat Club – New York City, NY – Celebrity Showcase Event/VH1 Event - VH1

1999 – Key Club – Hollywood, CA – Penthouse Magazine, Dubb Magazine headliner: ICE T. - PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE, DUBB MAGAZINE

1994 – A&M Records – Nationwide Tour – opening for Dredd Scott - A&M RECORDS

2002 – Miami Music Festival – Miami, FL – Ludarcius, Afrikan Bambata “Zulu Nation”,Snoop Dogg, Method Man, ICE T.


May 19, 2007 – Derrty DJ Bishop V Luv Mixtape CD Release Party – Sprulls - Saint Louis, MO. Other Saint Louis Artists: Potzee, Youvee, Joka


2001- Blue Note – Columbia, MO – Opening for headliner: Roots - BLUE NOTE


Album Released, 1/2003

Mixtape Released, 5/2007
Mixed by DJ SHIRO (LA)
Featuring: ICE-T


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Underground Story

Warrior Universal was born in 1975 at the end of the Vietnam War; a crucial time in history when peace needed to be made worldwide. Warrior was given the name by his mother due to his ancestors being that of Sioux-Apache North American Indians tribe.

"The primitive Sioux-Apache was a true nomad, a wandering child of Nature, whose birthright was a craving for the warpath with courage and endurance probably exceeded by no other people and with cunning beyond reckoning. Although his character is a strong mixture of courage and ferocity, the Apache is gentle and affectionate toward those with his own flesh and blood.

Warrior is defined as: a person whom is engaged in warfare. In tribal societies warriors often form a caste or class of their own this can be heard and witnessed in his musical talent as well as his ability to last in the industry for decades. Warriors are known to seek challenge. A Warrior is notable for strength of spirit, a soldier, a champion.

Warrior Universal grew up in the hard streets of Los Angeles and realized his talent as a musical artist after winning many “street battles” and literally crushing his opponents.
Warrior was receiving recognition for delivering profound lyrics with a distinct sound.
Warrior decided to put it on paper and from that day forward has been traveling with a pen in hand. Warrior’s hard work and dedication proved he was a force to be reckoned with and
became known as one of the most influential rappers on the streets of Los Angeles .

Warrior’s ability to survive in the streets as well as the high level of intelligence he gained from reading; created a weapon of mass destruction. Warrior wrote about his life experiences, real, raw and uncut and while speaking of truth mastered his rhymes with the depth of his vocabulary, that of a scholar. Fueled by his survival skills and exceptional level of intellect he quickly became legionary in Los Angeles . With his reputation growing a legend of rap, by the name of ICE T took notice. Ice T agreed to collaborate with Warrior and “WAR ON ICE” was recorded.

Warrior went on tour with the Legend Ice T, along with other infamous names: Ludacrius, Method Man, Afrikan Bambata “Zulu Nation”, Snoop Dogg and Dredd Scott. In 1994 Warrior was interviewed and co-host of BET Rap City hosted by Dredd Scott and Warrior at Hampton University. Warrior was receiving radio play in Los Angeles and
performing all over the United States . A label located in New York City, NY known as OHM quickly signed Warrior.

Warrior flipped coasts and landed on the East Coast, spending much of his time in East New York and New Jersey. Warrior made a career move at a time where rivalries where building between these two coasts, Warrior was embraced.

Warrior recorded and finished his first album entitled: THE PERFECT WEAPON. The artist used much of his own funds for the project and was promised restitution from the label. Niles Rodgers and Microsoft were so captivated the authenticity of Warrior’s lyrics, delivery and tracks they included two songs from the Perfect Weapon: “Hustlerz Inc. (Ballers) and the infectious party banger, “Club Hoppin” for an XBOX Outlaw Volleyball Game released in 2003. Outlaw Volleyball was one of the first video games to have a sound track and Warrior was one of the only Hip Hop Artist selected to be featured.

WARRIOR was at the top of his game and started to reap the benefits of his struggles in the music industry, however instead of celebration, the atmosphere grew morose when the artists was told the label and company were going bankrupt.

Warrior relocated to the Midwest and embarked upon Missouri . Discouraged by the industry and being mislead by the label, Warrior went back to his safe haven and what he knew best: the streets.

Warrior decided it was time to make a difference and witness success for his daughter. The battle is not lost, you have to continue to fight, it’s a long journey and the longer you last, the stronger you become. In 2007 Warrior came out with a Mixtape mastered by his long time DJ and friend: Shiro. Warrior has always been a natural born leader, one who witnesses struggles, hardships and can take those life experiences and turn it into real music.

A Warrior is a crusader, a guerilla, brave, fighter and Warrior Universal lives up to that name. Warrior is an independent artist that does not sound like anyone else in the industry.
Having the advantage of living in three major demographical areas, his sound, his deliverance is that of no other. Many spectators can’t depict where he is from and many in the Midwest love that he represents this region to the fullest. Warrior’s lyrics are that of longevity and the music industry is long overdue for some truly raw, uncut real talent.

W-A-R-R-I-O-R is an artist who touches on social issues, personal issues, who delivers ly