"This isn't another planet, its another another universe." [George Koller] ______ "Brilliant." [Ron Burd, Music Director CIUT] _____ "A powerful voice." [DJ Navdeep]


Michelle Bellerose is an innovator whose multidisciplinary work touches all human senses through her ongoing investigations into intuition, food, creativity, and health. She is a musician, writer, chef, visual artist, and bodywork practitioner who brings her knowledge of each of these fields to everything that she does. In all of her endeavours, her trailblazing approach invites us to hone our relationships with our bodies and minds in order to experience enchantment and wonder. From pioneering a new form of yoga, to her award-winning work as a gourmet chef, Michelle continually breaks ground with her work and play.

As a musician, an eclectic mix of sounds blends into Michelle's own unmistakable style. Her unique vocals along with her skilled treatment of both improvised and recorded arrangements contribute to her growing reputation as a leading musical talent.


merchant ships

Written By: Michelle Bellerose

(© Michelle Bellerose, SOCAN 2008)

these pressure cooked reckonings
made for litter and slim pickings
and wild yonder telecasts
leaving trumpeted bluff

the business of old merchant ships
and ballasts of the night
orange lay lines
and border babies
still could not give us any comfort
in the super hay yellow dawn
of what's coming

siberian politic
of lovers in twilight
breaking crystal stuff

winsome were the changes
that stood us in good stead
and blinked like a balsam moon
occluded by jetliners and satellites

we dove like stones into dark
rouge bubbles rising rising bright
like a heart busted in delight

the way you make things right...


"Tellum Passionis" (demo) .... reached #5 on the North American College charts in 2002

Set List

Sets are comprised of original material with a couple covers thrown down in novel treatment. Artist always has 2 x 45-60 minute sets on tap.