warsaw radio

warsaw radio


Alt-folk group based in Brighton UK


Warsaw Radio are a newly formed Brighton based group whos sound blends soul melodies which lean towards alternative folk. Lead vocalist Brían McNamaras deep and wiBde ranging vocals add to the warmth of the sound. As a solo artist McNamara has received national airplay for his songs and has supported acts like Mundy, Damien Dempsey & Bell X1. Originally hailing from Limerick he recently got together with, UK award winning, Brighton based guitarist Kevin Minney to create Warsaw Radio. According to McNamara: “Warsaw Radio started when Kev and I started jamming last summer (2012). We expanded to collaborate with other Brighton based musicians including cellist - Rosanna Schwarzacher, vocalist – Carly Stubbs, bassist and percussionist - Tarq Bowen and Pianist - Will Worth. After finishing a demo E.P we were like why don’t we just make a group out of this and that’s how it all kicked off”.


Warsaw Radio E.P January 2013