Brutal, aggresive metal that immediately grabs the listeners attention, slams them to the ground then offers a hand back up because they'll want to do it again and again. A sonic assault on the human emotion.


You know, we usually get the same reply when trying to get gigs and promote our band, "You're from where?" That's right. A very true battle we fight everyday which in turn not only describes our lives but is also the name of our band. What better name can you come up with other than what we are and where we are from? War Within is from the "country music capitol of the world". Takes alot of balls to reach the stratosphere in the world of metal from the most unlikeliest place of all. Just listen to the music and you'll hear just how huge they are.


The first album is due out June 2006, is self-produced and looking for a home to give it much love and attention.

Set List

1.Bombs Away

2.The Birth


4.Pulling Me

5.Paint My Pretty Picture

6.Castrate but They Still Have Hands


8.Disease in the Storm



War Within can play up to a full one hour set.