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"93.3 WMMR Night @ Grape Street"

Now in their third year together, Philly rock band Wash, who is singer Phil, guitarist Tom, bassist Lou and drummer Chris, has been providing local venues and audiences with non stop, interactive, high energy performances. Following the release of the band's first eight track album World of Change, Wash fans have come to expect a certain level of unique style and sense of professionalism that the group holds in high regard
Armed with aspects of rock and metal influences, which Wash have used to disseminate their own sound, the four piece takes pride in simply performing the best show possible and are careful to limit themselves by delusions of dollar signs and fame. They simply love to play and portray a strong passion for music, which is evident by their devotion to their original sound. You can learn more about Wash via their Myspace page www.myspace.com/washrocks - wmmr night @ grape street

"I'm A little bit Metal -WASH-"

Excuse me-- um. I have something that needs to be said:
Enough with the Geico caveman commercials, already!
They were cute ‘n’ clever enough at the start-- urbane fellow
in a retro velour hoodie, racquetball racquet tucked under one
arm, in a series of gently humiliating encounters with a snarky ad
campaign belittling his proud Cro Magnon heritage. He’s a caveman
but he’s not, like, stupid... get it?
I’m sick of the ads because-- well,
mostly ‘cuz they’re on all the time. After
eight straight months of continuous
exposure, anyone with a semi-serious
cable TV habit is ready to put a bullet
between Hipster Caveman’s eyes. But
I’m also pretty much done with the
capital-I Irony these ads embody. Ah,
irony-- key ingredient of our own pop
culture, the quotes around the quotes.
Irony less literary than attitudinal, not
so much a situation as a stance. It’s the
common thread woven into our tv
shows, our movies, and most especially
our music. It’s the protective amusement
we cloak ourselves in when we’re
worried someone might laugh.
But there are always exceptions.
he band Wash is not ironic.
The Philly-based quartet plays
straight-ahead metal in classic
configuration: lead axe that shreds,
lead vox that wails, beats that drive,
and a bassline that does all its heavy
lifting with those fat bottom strings.
It’s a muscular sound owing a debt to
its forbears: Metallica, Sabbath, and
three decades’ worth of anonymous
headbangers thrashing in basements.
The song that trills in the secret hearts
of once and future teenage boys sounds
something like this.
One slushy night in Manyunk-- the
Ides of March, as it happened-- Wash
took the stage at the Grape Street, guests of WMMR’s local band-athon,
and did battle for the earnest among us. Host Jaxon introduced
them by announcing the band’s May 5 CD release party: “$15, open
bar-- did I mention ‘open bar’? I dunno how you guys pulled that one
off, but good job-- I’ll be there!” By that date the new disc, “Etched
in a New Beginning”, will be five months in the making but, it’s clear
from a brief conversation with the gents of Wash, worth the effort.
“Awesome, our best work”, says lead singer Phil Durso when asked to
describe “Beginning”. Bassist Lou Durso concurs-- and not just because
he’s the band’s manager, or because he’s Phil’s brother and collaborator
since, respectively, the 10th and 8th grade.
Guitarist Tom Greco goes them one better: “[When driving around]
we turn up the stereo and crank it!” It takes either a really brave band
or a really satisfying album to admit to the self-crank, so we must give
Greco the benefit of the doubt. These guys enjoy not just playing, but
listening to the results.
Origivation Magazine Spring 2007 Volume 6, Issue 3 www.origivation.com PAGE 23
“Beginning” is Wash’s second album, though the first to boast pieces
written during drummer Chris Lombardi’s three-year tenure with the
six-year-old band. Their first album, “World of Change”, has borne
several singles to the local underground radio scene. Highlights include
airtime on Jaxon’s WMMR Podcast, Tommy Conwell’s “Loud and Local”
show on WYSP, and A.F.U. Radio, which listed the hard-drivin’
single “Play My Part” among the Top 20 songs of this past August.
The eleven tracks on “Beginning”, however, represent a bit of a stylistic
branching out. Mastered by engineer Michael Nuceder at Optimus
Records-- about whom the band cannot say enough good things-- the
new goods feature exploration into intro variations, abrupt tempo
changes, pickups and instrumentals. We’re promised a classical acoustic
piece; another that begins as a ballad before launching into speedmetal
fury. We’re also going to see a new side of Phil. Says Lombardi:
“I can’t wait til the release because a lot of the new fans don’t know
he plays guitar, even though he played in the cover band [Brave New
World] with Lou.”
“They’ll be like “He’s been takin’ lessons,” adds Phil.
f course, no one here is a Johnny-come-lately. Greco chanced
to meet Lombardi fifteen years ago at the studio--“[like] we
met at the Laundromat”, they joke-- when both were in various
cover bands. Before Brave New World, the Brothers Durso spelled
in a side project by Cinderella guitarist Jeff LaBar. That was sometime
before an upstart band named Nirvana made a bit of a splash.
espite the combination of experience and experimentation,
however, “Beginning” is no fruity concept album. “The music
& lyrics pretty much speak for themselves,” Lombardi
says. With simple titles like “Your Own”, “Erase”, “The Wave”, Wash
continues the emotional plaintiveness and irony-free lyrics of their previous
work. “I see birds in the sky today, and they can’t fly,” sings Phil
in the song “Question”, closing his eyes and working the stage. From
the back of the house, his expression and his mass of long black curls
recall a stocky version of Chris Cornell-- not the Audioslave Chris,
but the “Outs - Origivation

"And The band keeps playing"

WASH will hold a cd release party Saturday May 5th at the grape street in Manayunk Philadelphia.
The band will host open bar and catered food to say thanks to their loyal fan base. - Philadelphia Daily Times


Ep 2005
LP 2006 "World of Change" this album has 4 songs that have been played on 94.1 WYSP Philadelphia, 2 songs on 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia, and 2 song streaming on AFU underground Internet radio.
LP 2007 "Etched In The new Beginning" this albums Release date was 05.05.2007 we will update airplay and Steaming as ASAP



WASH: Four talented musicians displaying a balance of The Tame, The Crazy, The Attitude, and Emotionally Unstable creates the Rocked out sound Unique to this Suburban Philadelphia based group.

Three years as Wash, but with members who have a lifetime of varied experience in the music industry.
Wash members have worked in the company of such artists as Blue Oyster Colt, Jeff Labar of Cinderella, the Sembello Brothers, the Young Dubliners, and Lesley Gore, to name a few.

Signed to Optimus Records in Spring 2007 to accompany them in the new Release of their second album Etched in The New Beginning;
a Follow up To the 2006 album World of Change.

Wash is a favored booking at The Trocadero Theater (The Troc), The Grape Street (Grape St Philadelphia) in such capacity as opening acts, headline shows, featured acts for WMMR Rock nights, as well as a favored booking for the annual Brotherly Shove Fest.