high energy, non stop, versatile rock performance, utilizing every members talent to push us to the limit and achieve our goals.


WASH: Four talented musicians displaying a balance of The Tame, The Crazy, The Attitude, and Emotionally Unstable creates the Rocked out sound Unique to this Suburban Philadelphia based group.

Three years as Wash, but with members who have a lifetime of varied experience in the music industry.
Wash members have worked in the company of such artists as Blue Oyster Colt, Jeff Labar of Cinderella, the Sembello Brothers, the Young Dubliners, and Lesley Gore, to name a few.

Signed to Optimus Records in Spring 2007 to accompany them in the new Release of their second album Etched in The New Beginning;
a Follow up To the 2006 album World of Change.

Wash is a favored booking at The Trocadero Theater (The Troc), The Grape Street (Grape St Philadelphia) in such capacity as opening acts, headline shows, featured acts for WMMR Rock nights, as well as a favored booking for the annual Brotherly Shove Fest.


Ep 2005
LP 2006 "World of Change" this album has 4 songs that have been played on 94.1 WYSP Philadelphia, 2 songs on 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia, and 2 song streaming on AFU underground Internet radio.
LP 2007 "Etched In The new Beginning" this albums Release date was 05.05.2007 we will update airplay and Steaming as ASAP

Set List

Wash typically plays 1 set that varies between 30- 75 minutes depending on venue booked.
song list
1. horizon
2. Watch
3. Question
4. Play My Part
5. Wake Me Up
6. Gone Away
7. B.S.E
8. Shoulder
9. St John
10. Let It Rain
11. Dont Count Me Out
12. The Voice
13. Crumbling Down
14. Erace
15. The Wave
16. For Me
17. Dirty Secrets
18. Your Own
19. Under the stairs
20. Glow
21. fall down
22. thinking of you
23. Naked Day
24. There
25. Front Page News