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Washboard Hank

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"Its all about the contrast..."

Washboard Hank has to be seen AND heard to be beleived. A mere description of his Stradovarious Washboard and Fallopian Tuba would not do either contraption justice, and without sound/motion, you'd never quite imagine the music he makes. The man has licence plates and duck calls strapped to his chest, and a percussion hard hat on his head. He plays the banjo and a plumbing-tuba (with a kitchen sink for a bell) at the same time. He twangs about dinosaurs and sex-whips, asks if you've been "scrubbed on the washboard of the Lord," and somehow manages to meld Fulsom Prison Blues with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Oh my gawd, I laughed and clapped and whistled with all my heart.

Washboard Hank works hard for his art - as he hit himself about the head & chest with metal-tipped gloves, creating a bizarre melody of scrapes, dings, boops, beeps and crashes, I felt like a was privy to a musical world where anything was possible and everything was magical. If you're looking for the truth folks, that's where to find it - the truth is when you laugh out loud and you don't care why. - from the blog of Granma Fognor


Washboard Hank. The Peterborough, Ont., wild man was as entertaining to watch as his authentic C&W and hillbilly boogie was to listen to. - Winnepeg Free Press

"Hank's Children's Show is a"

"Hank's children's show is a high energy blast of fun music, outrageous instruments and audience participation. Imagine Mr. Dress-up owned a recycling depot - and you get the idea of where Hank is coming from." - The Muskoka Sun


Donkies & Tire Fires

Hoorah for Washboard Hank

Big Fun for Kids



Washboard Hank plays a truly amazing conglomeration of bells, licence plates, duck calls, etc., and actually gets music out of it. He also plays banjo, kazoo, and dobro. If the proper plumbing supplies are available and space allows you can expect a solo or two on the "Fallopian Tuba," made out of 1 1/2" PVC pipe and a stainless steel sink. One reviewer called Washboard Hank "a cross between Jerry Lewis (not Jerry Lee) and Stompin' Tom Connors." His repertoire includes bluegrass, rockabilly, country, television themes and Oktoberfest. He can go from sensitive to manic to ridiculous in an instant. Don't blink, you'll miss something good. Hank has appeared on dozens of TV shows (Elephant Show, W5, Mr. Dressup, etc.) recently performed on C.B.C.'s Madly Off In All Directions and spent four years as a member of Fred Eaglesmith's band, doing 200 or more shows a year all over North America.