Washed Cold

Washed Cold


We are a quartet that plays rock. We are in love with our music and what we do. Our music is inspired by how and what we feel. The music we write is also in a style that people can connect with and feel as if it could have been written for them.


It’s been a year and a half of pure fun and rock n roll. Athens, GA is where we live and play. A quartet that plays rock that’s a little bit on the alternative side and a little bit on the metal side is something that can’t be held back. We are extremely dedicated to the music that we play, because we want our fans to experience the same kinds of excitement that we experience when we see a band that we like. We have always loved to play music.
We love song writing almost as much as we love playing music. Some of our song writing influences would be Metallica, Steve Ray Vaughn, Pearl Jam, Tesla, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Nirvana, Soundgarden and many others. Those are also a few of our favorite bands that first inspired us to pick up an instrument. We enjoy all types of music, so we have a very broad range of inspiration. However, most of our inspiration comes from within ourselves. Some of our individual artist inspiration comes from rock stars like Kirk Hammett, Flea, Dave Navarro, Slash, Lars Ulrich, Elvis and many other great musicians along those lines.
Our debut CD was recorded in June 2005. It has a mix of all of our thoughts, feelings and ambitions. Our songs come from the heart. However, the style of the song depends on what was in our heart when we wrote it. They also come from our past experiences, and how that has shaped our view of the world.
What can you say about a band that loves to play music, except that we do what we love, and we love everything that there is about writing and playing music. Following our dreams is the only life we can see right now and we’re not going to stop until everyone has heard us. I guess you can’t expect much more than that.


Our songs "Washed Cold," "Walk Around" and "Undone" can be heard on Live365.