With the recent release of their third studio album, Rouge/Noir, Washington have become one of the hottest exports from Norway. With their new album the band have again been touring all over Europe, attracting new fans everywhere they go.


With their third studio album Rouge/Noir, the Tromsø-threepiece Washington have established themselves as one of Norway's leading pop outfits. The album has received rave reviews all over Europe and since the release the band have done several successful shows around the continent. Rouge/Noir follows the breakthrough debut album A New Order Rising (2005) and the more poppier follow-up Astral Sky from 2007. Both albums got a superb reception.

Since Washington first releases their debut album back in 2005 they have played well over one hundred shows in their native Norway and around Europe. With the backing of their german label, the well-established Glitterhouse Records, the band have been doing especially well in Germany, playing several tv-shows and festivals.

This fall the band will among other things be returning to Germany for the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg.


Black Wine EP (2004), Maker of Time EP (2004), A New Order Rising (2005), Astral Sky (2007), Rouge/Noir (2008), Something of a Voyage single (2009), Guerre de Rue single (2009).