Washington's Crossing

Washington's Crossing


Washington's Crossing is a unique blend of sounds with influences ranging from British/Australian to American rock. Haunting guitar solos with the addition of a 12 string guitar adds a new dimension to this melodic rock. Soon to be a classic.


John & Sue Kloss grew up in different ares. John in Philadelphia, PA. Songwriter, lyricist, lead Vocalist and rhythm guitar and presently owns Kloss Studios, were all the music is recorded. Sue Kloss was born in New York and grew up in Virginia and has a Degree in Vocal Performance from Temple University in Philadelphia and
teaches voice for a living.

Our influences?
Progressive rock, Classic rock, Folk rock, Rock,
British rock, Austrailian rock, American rock.
Pink Floyd, Beatles, Genesis, Steely Dan, Led Zepplin, Fleetwood Mac, Doors, Moody Blues, Men at Work, Midnight Oil.

What set's us apart is primarily the influences of each individual band member's sounds and our background vocals. We like to vary our instrumental choices depending on the intended mood of the song. We like to hear rich harmonies throughout my songs. We like to feature counter melodies by the guitar and keyboards. The sound of the band is a mix of the varied musical influences brought together by each member's own musical experience.


Debut CD: Washington's Crossing - Dreamers
Was recorded at Kloss Studios in 2006
Features 10 original songs recorded at
Kloss Studios in Philadelphia PA

Set List

We have a one hour set with 10 songs from the Dreamers CD

Were All Welcome Here
All In My Mind
All Of The People
Not That I'm Crazy
Reach Out
Don't Say
Day Light
Spend A Little Time
Gates Of Hell