"Wasla Band" is a newly released undergrounded independent band .

Why Wasla’s name was chosen.. ?!

As "Walsa" represents our aim (connector) & the way in-which the band members were gathered together ... as most of the band members are from different musical schools cultures & trends .. as they represent a new real expressive catchy music trend that was the out-come of their own thoughts.

As "Wasla's" aim is like it's name .. it connects different cultures ... thoughts ... people .. styles and aims into a new comprehensive Compounded idea represented in a fabulous atmosphere & different musical styles with a recognized mixing in those styles with our real Egyptian soul & lyrics.

"Wasla" is the expressive for the emotions and changeable thoughts, as it clarify the level of changes for human conflicting choices that every Egyptian guy faces in this modern contemporary lifestyle…
The Idea of WASLA Band came initially to confront with the need of raising the Egyptian Cultural Life and enrich the community with contemporary artistic reality to accelerate Egypt's cultural renaissance.

The uniqueness of WASLA Band stems from the fact that its Band members come from very different musical backgrounds; those musical backgrounds vary from flamenco, funk, blues, country and Latin to jazz, hard rock

Since its inception in October 2011, WASLA has participated in various musical projects, festivals and performance.

- wasla band has performed in music festival young Euro-Arab Center which has been in Cyprus 2012 (
Limassol ) . https://www.facebook.com/EuroArabYouthMusicCenter


WASLA is a newly established underground independent Band. WASLA means "Connection", which reflects our posture and the manner through which the band members got together through music.

The Objectives of the Band reflect the meaning of the word "WASLA" which are summarized as follows:
- Connection between different Cultures and backgrounds
- Fostering the mutual understanding between people, thus connecting social ties.
- Promoting social change
- Reflecting the contemporary Egyptian Identity
Band Interests
Funk - funk groove - blues - soft jazz - alternative rock - progressive rock - bluegrass country