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Although he is new to industry, he understands the nature of the business. Realizing the level of competition he has to face, Wasp is leaving no stone unturned. He remains focused on his goal of topping the International Charts and to make his music a permanent staple on a worldwide scale. OonuCulture brings you an exclusive phone interview with the rising star at his home in Cassia Park, Jamaica, as he gives us insight to the struggles of an up and coming artist.

OC: Tell us about yourself, your lyrical style and how the name “Wasp� came about

Wasp: My name relates to the flow of my music. People hear the way I deliver my lyrics. I’m like a wasp, I enter like an uninvited guess and when I leave there is a buzz. I keep people talking about me and the music I create. I am a creative lyricist with fresh ideas and I am ready to join the new generation of both Dancehall mixed with Hip-Hop.

OC: You recently released an album “The Buzz�, Tell us about you album, does it have personal meaning to you?

Wasp: The title “The Buzz� comes for the concept of my name “Wasp�. I have to maintain that talk about me. I have to keep people interested in me, both in Jamaica and Internationally. I’m here to change the pace and flow of things. (He sings) How de slang go, Buzz buzz, let the wasp out, wasp a buss de place. (He laughs)

OC: What impression of you and your music would you want people to walk away with after listening to your album?

Wasp: I want them to walk away feeling different about things. I want every time that they listen to my album, to feel my vibe. I want it to change they mood, if they are feeling down, I want my music to make them want to “bust a flow, a style, a lyric�. I want them to feel nostalgic about me and my music.

OC: You somewhat new to the music industry, what doors have already opened up for you and what can we expect for you in the future?

Wasp: Before I came out with this album, it was difficult to get a music producer to take a chance and work with me. I would do a few performances at Rebel Salute, Sting, Fire Series, and Fully Loaded, as an opening act. There was always that “buzz� about me, the crowd always responded well to me. In 2006, I hooked up with my manager DDmoney of DBeatzz Records and we started working along with Badrasta Entertainment, ThrowBack Entertainment; they got the ball rolling. With my recent album release and accompanying music video “Buss De Place/Murdara� featuring Terror. People can expect me to do great and bigger things. I will continue to build a following and become a recognizable name. I am also working on another video and also releasing about three more singles.

OC: You did a song with Spragga Benz, do you believe that this was the song to catapult you career?

Wasp: Oh yes, definitely, this song “Bun Dem� helped me (he laughs) “Buss De Place�. It gave me an opportunity to put myself out there even further. That was my opportunity to get the “buzz� going about me. In 2004, this single almost did not make it out to the public, at one point the producer didn’t want to release the riddim.

OC: If there was one thing that you could say about your music to get people to buy and listen to your album, what would it be and why?

Wasp: Well, I am putting something new and uniquely different on the table. You definitely feel that vibe in my music. My music helps you understand the way I grew up in Cassia Park, Jamaica. I know every one grew up differently but my music tells a story that is true to me. (He sings) “I know ah Mavado… me ah gansta for life.. to move me you have to get four Mad Cobra and three Bounty Killa and one bulldozer“ - oonuculture.com


1.What you make it .featuring Ninja Ford
2.Wasp a buss di place



Born Marvin Clarke AKA Wasp on December 15 in 1982 this extra-ordinary talented artist has his mind on the game. An incredible songwriter he is, filled with fresh and creative ideas ready to join the new generation of both hip-hop and dancehall. His major goals include topping the International charts and to be a part of making the music a permanent staple on a worldwide scale. Wasp first realizes the change of his music from hobby to professional came while he was still in high school. He entered a talent contest that was staged by a Restaurant called Chicken Supreme, where he took home the grand prize. This was where he got his stage name "Wasp�, after his friends claiming he gave a hot and "wassy" stint. In 1996 he began performing on almost every stage show events thereafter. He also did his first dub recording that year for a sound called,� Magic Touch". The song was a success leading to the recording of even more specials for other sound system (DJ'S). Wasp then moved on to visiting other studios with his friends who had similar aspirations. One of these studios was,� The Mixing Lab" which was where he recorded his first single with a, artist called "Jagwa". Producer Mosiah, who paid Wasp for his time and effort, for recording the single. Wasp continued his stage show performance at events such as Rebel Salute, Sting, Fire Series, and Fully Loaded. In 2004, he recorded his new single on the skipping rope rhythm, for which a music video debut was generated. Shortly after he did a combination with one of Jamaica’s' biggest superstar artist known as "Spragga Benz". The song created a buzz in the streetz. He then started to voice tracks for well known producers, however he realized the level of competition he had to face. In 2006 Wasp now had a new manager known as "Dmoneyy" from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Dmoneyy the CEO of Dbeatzz Records, teamed up with ThrowBack Entertainment, and Badrasta Entertainment. They then decided to put together Wasps' mix tape called "The Buzz" which hit the streets early Janurary 2007. The mix-tape which sure did create a buzz.