Wasted Angels

Wasted Angels


Decadent Rock 'n' Roll! Every show is a full on no holds barred performance leaving even the most unadventurous amongst us wanting more..Renowned for their electric live performances Wasted Angels have rocked their way through 6 different countries in their short history.


Decadent Rock ‘n’ Roll! This is the name used by Wasted Angels to describe their own version of this loud, fast, infectious hard rock influenced by the likes of AC/DC, KISS, Thin Lizzy, Metallica and Dream Theatre.

Originally formed in 2006 in Manchester, England, this is a band that sees no limit to their abilities. After a few changes to the line-up, the start of 2008 saw the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place and they haven’t looked back since.

Having shared the back cover of Breakout Magazine (40,000 copies sold across Europe) with their good friends ‘Lord Bishop Rocks’ and played almost 100 shows in six different countries so far in 2008, this new line up seems to be unstoppable.

After achieving all this with only a simple self recorded Demo disk to their name, the band started to look for someone with the capacity of catching their rawkus, decadent rock ‘n’ roll. In January 2009 the band will be recording their first professional EP with world renowned producer ‘Romesh Dodangoda’ (Manic Street Preachers, Bullet for my Valentine, Kids in Glass Houses) and already have a tour in the making with ‘Popkillazz Presents’ of Germany for a promotional European tour for the EP.


Sampler CD used on European Tour 2008.

Set List

Usual Set is around 45 mins or greater. Shorter Sets are also possible..

A few of the songs we play:

• Your Mothers a Sinner
• Road to Ruin
• The girl with the pearl earring
• China Doll
• Backyard
• It aint easy
• Ever fading
• Devils child