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The best kept secret in music


"Wasted Days, Impressive!"

The guy in Wasted Days who contacted me bugged the S*** out of me for a show, nonstop. So I figure, hell, why not? Once again, I am glad a band went to such extremes to get noticed, because these guys are damn good!

I would gladly give them another show. They showed true professionalism and played very well. If you haven't heard these guys yet, try to. I bet you will like them. The former vocalist for Superface is now singing for Wasted Days. I'm looking forward to seeing them again.

- Louisville Music New, Dec. 2004, By: Eddy Metal

"Wasted Days Wins Band Battle"

The newer improved version of the band Wasted Days is going to record a 12-song CD soon, possibly in mid-March. I think since vocalist Chris Davis (ex-Superface) joined five months ago, this band has much, much potential. They recently won the band battle at the Rustic Frog, competing against thirty-eight bands. Congrats, guys!
- Louisville Music News, Feb 2005, By: Eddy Metal

"Rockin' Their Way to the Top"

No great fan of the alt-metal, modern hard rock, nu-metal or whatever it's being called these days, I do like it when a band from this or any genre can take a step back, draw a deep breath and get over itself. Wasted Days is one of those bands, or so it sounds to me from listening to its self-titled debut.
The Louisville-based quintet, with former Superface front man Chris Davis on lead vocals, has collected and recorded 12 tight, radio-ready songs that never fail to get the job done - meaning, as the youngsters today might say, they rock your balls off and don't let up. Better, while it's true that to the uneducated ear this band sounds quite a lot like the many other bands playing this brand of music on the radio these days, there's a knowing wink and a smile living deep within the music that tells me these guys know exactly what they're doing. (The group even exhibits a good sense of humor; in the liner notes, following the requisite lengthy list of "thank yous," is this message: "If we missed you, call Disc Makers; it's their fault.")
Anyway, Wasted Days and producer Chris Cassetta have created what is arguably the perfect radio-metal album of 2005. Replete with plenty of crunch and the occasional pulsing guitar throb that serves as a bridge between intro and verse or verse and instrumental, the songs also demonstrate a keen sensibility for melody.
For instance, the five-minute-long "Stay" is a pounding, metallic ball of energy that rides on an unrelenting wave of yearning and earnest that Davis brings out brilliantly with his pleading vocal. A softly ringing guitar-only interlude then sets the stage for an aural assault that could cause a mosh pit to spontaneously erupt in the middle of a supermarket.
And "Nothing Without You" pulls off the heavy rock ballad without sacrificing its persona - this isn't Motley Crue selling its nuts to the airwaves in "Home Sweet Home;" it's more in the vein of the Scorpions' "No One Like You." In other words, it's a good rock band offering us a brief respite in song, along with a nugget of acknowledgment that a good pop song is a good pop song is a good pop song, even when the amps are turned up to 11.
All in all, what this album boils down to is a way for WD to market itself to the public and to A&R folks everywhere while honing its chops for the next big audition. It's potentially a tough road ahead because there's a lot of competition in the genre, but the hard part is already taken care of - Wasted Days is already a damn good band.
Get more Wasted at www.wastedmusic.com.
- Louisville Music News, By: Kevin Gibson

"New Blood; CD Review"

The band Wasted Days has come a long way since picking up vocalist Chris Davis, a terrific singer and a very humble and down- to-earth guy. In my eyes, they have seriously moved up the ranks and are approaching the elite upper echelon in Louisville music. They've got a killer new CD out that you should read about.

This is a great release from a good energetic rock band. As I sit here listening to the brand new CD I am very impressed with the talent and sound quality of this effort. These guys have come a long way and that becomes clear on hearing the new CD. A good amount of cash was spent recording this CD, I think twelve to fifteen grand. There is many a good musical moment in this outing. Subtle, heavy, laid back, pretty and all out rockin'. The vocals are everywhere. In a good way that are definitely going to be well received by the fans.

- Eddie Burk: Louisville Music News (Sep. 2005)

"Wasted Days' new album is not a waste of time"

The debut for Wasted Days is a good first step, the five guys who make up this relatively new alt-metal band successfully fire off powerful hooks and thundering percussion. "Dogs of War" evokes a comparison to early Alice in Chains, while "Stay" and "Dormant Year" both stick to modern rock platforms with good singalong choruses.
"No Disguise" has a couple of slow-grind head-banging segments that could incite some moshing, and the breakdowns in "So Much More" are right on.
Wasted Days' debut effort definitely makes you want to root for this group, and that in itself makes it a success.
- Velocity Weekly, By: Chris Quay


Wasted Days released their self titled debut album on September 10th 2005. The project was recorded at Canyon Studios in Louisville, KY with Chris Cassetta.

Wasted Days (2005)
1)Dormant Year
7)So Much More
8)Nothing Without You
9)Dogs Of War
10)No Disguise
11)Burning The Bridge
12)Leaving Me (Here To Die)

MOMS Music Demo 2004
1) Beckoning
2) No Disguise
3) Stay

Air Play:

-- 93.1 the Fox, Louisville, KY
-- 99.7 WDJX, Louisville, KY
-- 105.1 WLRS, Louisville KY
-- 89.9 WBRO, Marengo, IN
-- 89.1 WVJC, Carmi , IL
-- 97.1 WXCM, Obwensboro, KY
-- 103.1 WGBF, Evansville, IN
-- AM 820 WSWI, Evansville, IN


Feeling a bit camera shy


Chalk one up to the chickens. One would not think taking a job as a buffet cook would lead to new beginnings. However, while working at a casino boat in July, 2004, a co-worker handed Chris Davis a demo of instrumental music from Wasted Days. This would serve as a catalyst for many new beginnings. After parting ways with their previous singer of two years, Wasted Days was struggling to find someone who matched their sound and vision as a band. Enter Chris Davis, former vocalist of Superface. During the first audition the chemistry in the room was evident. Chris had the job and Wasted Days was born anew.
Wasted Days immediately began writing and were playing out by September 2004. In October they released a 3 song demo recorded at MOMS Music by Sam Grey. Several of those songs have received airplay on radio stations throughout the Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois area. Wasted Days was crowned Rustic Frog Band Battle winner on New Years Eve 2005 claiming the $10,000 grand prize. In May 2005 Wasted Days entered Canyon Studios to record their full length debut with engineer Chris Cassetta. On September 10, 2005 Wasted Days released their self-titled debut album at Phoenix Hill Tavern in Louisville, KY. Best described as “Modern Rock/Alternative Metal”, Wasted Days emphasize an emotionally charged live performance of original material that is built on an aggressive nature, meshed with a melodic and powerful vocal style, to create a unique mosaic of sound on the hard rock canvas. They are simply doing something that they love and very much enjoy, and hope you will come along for the ride
CD’s, t-shirts, and stickers are available at all shows. With promotional devices such as these, coupled with frequent radio and print promotion, Wasted Days is know to locally draw a regular crowd of over 325 responsive fans and this is just the 21 and older fans. Their music is publicly available at www.leobeat.com, www.Myspace.com, www.purevolume.com, and via their website www.wastedmusic.com.

Another thing that sets us apart from other bands is are Manager/Promoter biZkit. The best promoter we have ever seen bar none. He is out night and day, promoting our next show. He is never off the clock. If you don't know him you soon will. More than likely he sent you the E.P.K. He is true Hard Core. To him No isn't a reply.