Wasted On The Young

Wasted On The Young


Melodic ~ Blues ~ Rock ~ Romance "Wasted On The Young" - music with atmosphere, grit, and a lyrical honesty and sonic inventiveness that struggles to leave the mind.


About Wasted On The Young

Brisbane band Wasted On The Young formed in late 2006, the culmination of several members leaving their former bands distraught and disillusioned over the muddy waters they'd driven their talents to in the past.

Kyle Kyleson, guitarist and songwriter, joined by fellow band members Douglas Pye on lead vocals/harmonica, Craig McGrath on saxophone, 'Doc' Hamilton on guitar/keyboards, Ian Sheward on bass and Doug (Snoop) Marsden on drums, the band quickly rose through the ranks of Brisbane's dwindling array of playing venues, establishing a strong audience of listeners who immerse themselves in copious melodic sounds and wailing lyrical overtones – a reminder of what powerful and emotive music is capable of.

Doug's amazingly powerful voice, range and vocal control carries the band to great heights of dyamic intensity, backed by lyrics of gritty honesty.

The band has never claimed to have the individuality and originality of other groups who loosely call themselves "artists", and we wear our influences on our sleeves, but the music assures its audience of a rock & melodic experience with emotion and inventiveness that struggles to leave the mind.

Their first self-titled album is a completely independent recording, financed and released by the band themselves under management by JimothyKProducuctions. Ready for release in July 2007, with ten cracker tracks and a live special bonus track. W.O.T.Y are seeking a quality independent label to distribute this homegrown release, full of brooding and catchy songs which grow and grow on the listener.

melodic ~ blues ~ romance



Written By: Kyleson

TREES – Music and lyrics: Kyle Pratt.

There’s lovers and thieves and they’re all in the trees behind us.
The murder hangs as the rope burns a hole in his neck.

Changes replaces all that is known to us.
Actions are subject to those who they claim to protect us.

All these hands I see
Only hands I see
Changes time in me
When our nights and days are numbered.

Scaring not caring, they wear their uniforms in trust.
Emotions suppressed ‘cause they find it so hard to forget us.

All these hands I see
Only hands I see
Changes time in me
When our nights and days are numbered.
And I don’t know if I can find,
The things that came between us over time.

With my feet upon the ground,
Head in hands and sporting frown.
Wish you could be by my side,
Cause I’m so scared of shooting guns…
Yeah, yeah, yeah


Written By: Kyle Kyleson

Words and Music - Kyle Kyleson

I know your presence is inside,
I know your intentions are derived,
From your tendency to be Right.

Don’t come around here anymore,
Your expectations are so tall,
And now its you who’s making us wired, uptight,

Come here sit down we gotta talk,
It’s not my fault the way you were taught,
It’s just a problem in your mind.

So take it out on someone else,
No hesitation from your shell,
And now it’s you who’s making us wired, uptight.

Hey, you’re feeling nervous like I want you to…

And now you’re never seen around here,
You’re not the one I need to fear,
It’s with strings your power strives.

Some say its out of control and well,
And all the blame is moved on from yourself,
Hell now its you who’s making us wired, uptight.

You’re feeling nervous like I want you to,
And I need you to,
Watching you,
Believing you, yeah.


Demo - "Under The House" december 2006

Album "Wasted On The Young" independent release, June 2007.

Set List

Original melodic rock blues.
Setlist depends on the mood of the band members - it's a collaborative space!
Covers include old Led Zep blues, jazz-rock improvisations led by jazz-guru Ian Shewerd on bass, and the occasional Johnny Cash or INXS cover.