Wasteland is hardcore and d-beat inspired cacophony that plays songs of disgust, anger, and hope to anyone who will listen.


WASTELAND was formed in 2004 by five friends who were inspired by contemporaries in the New England hardcore punk scene. We found a home and kindred spirits within the DIY community of Amherst, MA and developed a fast friendship with fellow local act Ampere. From there we recorded a 7" which was put out by Clean Plate records and embarked on a tour of the east coast. Recently WASTELAND recorded its first full length and played a string of east coast dates with prominent New England hardcore acts Verse and Have Heart.

WASTELAND's songs reinforce the age old fact that the personal is political. For example ; "Fading Light" is a song that vocalist Chris wrote about his personal experiences with psychiatric drugs and the nature of mental health in the modern world. "River" is a first person account of an attempt to escape the draft during the Vietnam war and is ultimately a meditation on courage and its applied meaning in war time (adapted from a story by author Tim O'Brien). "Embers" is a story of living under occupation from the point of view of a grieving mother (inspired by a story by graphic novelist Joe Sacco). Ultimately we hope to drive people to examine their own position in the world and inspire them into making a positive social change by looking inward and we hope to do this by playing agressive, earth shaking crust infused melodic hardcore.



WASTELAND self titled 7", Clean Plate Records
2 live songs on Live At Dear Air 11", Clean Plate Records
WASTELAND lp, unreleased

Set List

25 minute set, usually six or seven songs. Covers are few and far between but on rare occasions we have played songs by Black Flag, The Misfits, and Agent Orange.