Wasteland Green

Wasteland Green


WASTELAND GREEN trusts in the bare power of vocals and acoustic instruments. The Berlin based trio with amazing female singer Susanne Werth presents band originals and rare acoustic covers ranging between Folk, Pop, Jazz and Country using English, German and French lyrics. www.wastelandgreen.de


The trio project was set up in Berlin (GER) in 2004.
Since that time the musical adventure is to bring together influences from such different styles and backgrounds as folk, bluegrass, western swing, chanson, musette, cajun, blues and jazz. Strong female and male vocals, acoustic guitars, accordion and slight percussion are the essentials for a rather unique sound. Performing at all types of venues - churches, theatres, clubs and also big event stages - the original band material impresses the audiences as much as the selection of unusual acoustic covers of songs of Dan Hicks, Bobbie Gentry or Joan Osborne.
WASTELAND GREEN - an amazing acoustic experience!


"Beautiful Tonight" - Acoustic Concerts Berlin Records 2005
"Nightingale" - Acoustic Concerts Berlin Records 2008

Set List

normal concerts last 2 x 45 min.
Alternative sets are possible from 1 x 30 min up to 4 x 45 min.
Set lists usually contain 70% band originals.