Music with soul - it's our music. We CAN touch everyone soul because our musci have own style, amazing guitar riffs, Philosophical lyrics and shocking drum rhythms


WATCh - formed in 2005, started as a small school band, and then proceeding with local tours and perfomances, bacame one of the best estetic rock bands in Belarus. By this time we have gathered very large audition, and have written many soul-touching songs and lyrics.


No EP, Singles, or LPs are released at this time, but we have live version of our song "Cherries and Honey" streaming on the Belarus Radio

Set List

Set list is mostly typical:
- Lisa
- Cherries And Honey
- Bad Manners People
- Nothing To Lose (Cover of Chij & Co. song)
- Mama buy me a coffin
- Espana
- eliminate
- A Little wiser
- Where To Find a words
- As young as we can