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"WATCHER is one to Watch"

Deval: Stuntman?
The Drunk Stuntmen Go Gubernatorial; Wacher Is One To Watch.
October 12, 2006
By Gary Carra


In other news, Karen “Rudy� Renaud checked in to report that there’s now more to watch—and hear—with her Pioneer Valley-based band Watcher .

“We formed last September as a four-piece and went at it like that for a good year,� the affable drummer says of herself, vocalist Ben Coe, guitarist Tristan Tash and keyboardist Rich Pellegrino . “But in the quest to add some more bottom, and estrogen, perhaps, we recently added bassist Victoria Berard , too.�

For now, the band’s pre-Berard calling card is its self-titled seven-song EP. Recorded at Southfield’s Off-The-Beat-N-Track Studios with Todd Mack, Watcher is a deft exercise in moody, keyboard-laden lounge verses giving way to Killer-esque, crunchy guitar choruses.

One can only imagine how Berard’s bottom will play into this eclectic mix as the band heads back into the studio to record its debut full-length this winter. For a sneak peak/good indicator, however, catch the new, five-piece Watcher live tonight (Oct. 12) at Easthamp’s Brass Cat. Doors open at 9 p.m.
... - Valley Advocate


2006 self-titled EP


1- Not Me
2- Condoms & Fine Wine
3- Scarlet
4- The Fall
5- Nude
6- Carolina
7- October

"Carolina" and "Scarlet" can stream or be downloaded at

Watcher's "Carolina" has recieved airplay on the Off The Beat-n-Track radio show, WKZE 98.1 FM Sharon, CT.



Rich Pellegrino runs the gamut, from playing calming chords to raging finger licks, enhancing the builds that courageously mount the sound waves of the venues he's graced. As those close to the band would say, 'Ewoks the Walk.'

Addicted to Space Wine, vocalist Ben Coe makes clear his myth through sultry, drunken reposes in one's ear and advances to your bedroom with swift round house kicks, that are his raw exclamations.

Rudy Renaud is quick with the reflexes of a fox. She's alert, and shares and expresses a swiftness that rivals and unites simultaneously with that of the rest of the members of the band. Jazz taps and ripling cymbols-to-snare combos act as marbles, rhythmically racing toward their conclusion.

Gruff raw and powerful. Tash, Tristin Tash rips down the scale with distortion that lets you hear the sound of excavated porcelin bowls. Progressions that encase minds, saturating the senses. Transitions that enable one to collide with inner thought, and question the desire to remain comfortable.

Tha bass rumbles on to Theresa's take on the blues scale. The sound is the sledge hammer, John Henry pounding his way through rock, a race against the machine. She frequently refuses to reach closure with her habitual 7ths, seconds, or minor 6's, hanging on to the last strands of each musical history the band creates.

To some, Watcher's music reflects the struggles of compromise, and may even capture an essence of life that is often over looked, a driving force that hums just above the grinding of the daily routine, a sanity that floats strongly above the smoke.


We all were fighting about different things on the day of our CD release. Rich was pissed off a T for telling him to wear certain clothes. Rudy was mad at all of us for being a ribald bunch of guys. Ben was fine and Theresa wasn't officially part of the band yet. Still we did it. We played and we rocked it out. The music is the easy part, having a personal relationship with four other people as a unit is the difficult part. This how we know we are going to make it. We make good, sincere music with heart, but we work at it. The minutia, the things that can undo a band. We're in it to win it amd we're just lucky that the music speaks to us when all is said and done. This will be our lives.