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Track 1: Freedom Train
Track 2: Martyr's Song
Track 3: They Preached Liberty
Track 4: The Innocents
Track 5: Sleeping Beauty
Track 6: Restore the Rock
Track 7: Will We Deny Him?
Track 8: The Dreamers
Track 9: Fathers
Track 10: America, You're Too Young to Die
Track 11: Is There Room?
Track 12: Freedom's Song
Track 13: God Bless the USA!



WATCHMAN, comprised of Barry and Anne Byrd and their daughter, Dannie Hopkins, has inspired thousands of listeners over the years as they have performed their music for audiences of all sizes and occasions. Their sound is unique, reminiscent of the folk music of the 60s that galvanized a generation to social and political activism, but with a deeply convicting message of Christian responsibility. The members of WATCHMAN have always been missionaries to America, and are deeply concerned about the condition of both the church and the nation. At a time when our nation is demonized from without and full of rancor and division within, WATCHMAN's music resounds with conviction, passion, and hope.

Before WATCHMAN began to travel as full-time musicians, they spent several years building a faith, a farm, and a family in an isolated setting in the beautiful mountains of northeastern Washington. Without access to TV, internet, telephone, or radio, they wrote and sang songs about their love of the land, their family, God, and nation. Their disengagement from pop culture gave them an untarnished perspective that resonated in the hearts of many who heard their music, and a demand was created. Spontaneously, their fans financed the production of their first album, and they were virtually drafted to travel from the lovely log home they had built to perform for all types of venues, most often in metroplex areas.

Within a few months of recording their first album as a part of the music group, Legacy, the Byrds were on national television and routinely featured at conferences, churches, political rallies, community celebrations, colleges -- pretty much anywhere there were organizers who wanted to promote their message. After changing their name to WATCHMAN, they criss-crossed this nation from one end to the other repeatedly for six years and sang "Freedom's Songs." A few years ago, weary of the demands of travel and longing to return to their beautiful home, they parked their bus and resumed their peaceful lifestyle in northeastern Washington where they had a thriving youth ministry for several years and founded Marble Community Fellowship on the lovely 500 acres that comprises the small, rural community of Marble, Washington.

A few months ago, Barry, Anne, and Dannie were feeling stirred to enter a recording studio again and re-record some of the songs that are more relevant now than ever, as well as some new ones. Their new CD, "Freedom's Song" is now available, and WATCHMAN is, once more, available to sing the songs that inspire freedom loving Americans of all stripes to fight to retain our blood-bought liberty and pass it on to the generations to come.

As a musical family, WATCHMAN delights in modeling the concept of a dedicated team that spans 3 generations. Dannie Hopkins is a young mother with two children: ten year old Adrianna and 2 year old Saxon. Her husband, Troy, is her biggest cheerleader. Barry, Anne, and Dannie have been doing music together for over 20 years, and are more excited than ever about sharing their hearts with all who resonate with their message. In the days to come, Adrianna will be joining the mix as WATCHMAN brings a laser-focus to the responsibility adult Americans have to contend for the blessings of liberty that were blood-bought by preceding generations.

A concert with WATCHMAN is an interactive experience that leaves their audiences deeply satisfied and inspired. Many people leave a musical encounter with WATCHMAN feeling that their innermost passions and dreams have been expressed very articulately by this family of musicians. In the process, individual lives, families, groups, and churches are forever changed as the Lord forges a relational connection between the performers and the audience.

In a world that is full of degrading music and a church that is too often self-focused, WATCHMAN inspires people of all backgrounds to follow Dr. Laura's charge with which she closes each radio program: "Now go do the right thing."