watch out for rockets

watch out for rockets

 Austin, Texas, USA

Austin's Watch Out For Rockets is one amazing entity. While carefully choosing their shows for maximum impact, this band has released a whirlwind of 46 songs spanning 3 records in the last 2 years and are working on their 4th. what's more amazing is that they are good. try to stop this band.eclectic


Watch Out For Rockets is an Austin band.  Formed primarily to serve as a clearing house for an ever expanding catalog of short, schizophrenic pop nugget recordings, they quickly became a real band, performing live, making t shirts and taking faux-candid pictures of themselves in various environments.

The Watch Out For Rockets aesthetic was born out of necessity rather than conscious intent.  Primary songwriter and instrumentalist David T. Jones' ever-dwindling attention span and ever expanding musical curiosity have found the perfect medium in 4-track cassette recording.  Since 2008 WOFR has released two full length albums, 2008's Let Me Levitate, and 2009's Beasts With Hearts of Gold.  In June of 2010 WOFR released Shaman Shit, a free online EP. They are currently working on their third full length.


Let Me Levitate 2008
Beasts With Hearts Of Gold 2009
Shaman Shit E.P. 2010

Set List

we have a rotating set list as we have over 50 songs. our set is purposely limited to 30 minutes unless another set duration is requested.