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Water Babys

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band EDM Jazz


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"Water Babys: There's a Griffin at the Door."

Water Babys is comprised of amor, est and phunkface, a couple of Denver boys who pride themselves on jazzing up 8-bit into poly-rhythmatics with a big whoppin' boom. "There's A Griffin At The Door" is off the duo's self-titled debut that dropped in September. Water Babys have a lot at play that recalls the golden days of sampling that capsized with The Avalanches. The W. Babys will have no problem dodging knocks from the G-men on their door about sampling issues. While it may sound lifted from a Brazilian folk record, the guitar work on "There's A Griffin At The Door" was written and performed by the Water Babys, which will have the band filling that hole bands like The Unicorns and Islands left behind. - Impose Magazine

"There's a Griffin at the Door"

Water Babys is a Denver-based duo that makes guitar-infused, synth-heavy downtempo jams that are laced with danceable breakdowns. Their self-titled debut just dropped and I think my favorite track so far is "There's a Griffin at the Door" -- the tinny 8-bit synth sounds and small vocal samples make it an immediately catchy but somehow relaxing piece. I also really like "Waterbourne", a track with darker vibes but full of killer bass and keys that make me want to dance around our tiny apartment like a fool. - Get Off the Coast

"Video from Water Babys"

Water Babys “There’s a Griffin at the Door” Video Premiered on Impose
“There’s a Griffin at the Door” video link: http://vimeo.com/waterbabys/theresagriffinatthedoor
Water Babys is an electronic classical jazz hop duo based in Denver, Colorado. The duo consists of guitarists/multi-instrumentalists Grant Stringham, and Steele Kempton. Fascinated with the transcendent quality of music, the band focuses on groove oriented poly-rhythms, harmony, and spacious textures. By the Fall of 2011, the design of their concept came to fruition with their self-titled LP; officially released on September 20th.
Water Babys is a colorful 43-minute jaunt that constructs a warm, deep atmosphere in which their songs not only live, but thrive in — inviting listeners to engage themselves within the music, rather than distinguishing between the two. The ambiance and melodies are kneaded between expansive usage of progressive transitions. The cohesive work is populated with crisp, snappy guitars, an arsenal of colorful, buoyant synths, and large, intricate percussion work. A beautiful job of mixing and production (done by Water Babys themselves), sketches a topography of funky, blissful grooves. - DOA

"Water Babys - Grant Stringham and Steele Kempton"

Water Babys, comprised of Grant Stringham and Steele Kempton, started as most acts do in these days of digital, within the confines of a bedroom-style studio, armed with musical ideas and concepts.

When this Denver act got a wrench thrown into its progress, in the form of a stolen laptop, the two approached new opportunities for musical expression with their glass half full. The result is an eclectic and artistic journey, at times serenaded with orchestrated piano and guitar interludes, and with a wave of the wand, the listener is taken down a space-age tunnel with bleeps and blips, only to be pushed out the other side of the rabbit hole with a collective of Denver hip-hop rhyme rangers.

I interviewed Grant and Steele for my radio show (post303radio.com) to learn more about how this variety of concepts will play out on stage, as in the band's upcoming opening slot for Plaid at the Bluebird on Saturday, November 19, and if they actually do have a beef with the likes of Hugh Grant (and for the record, insert tongue and cheek here). - Kaffeine Buzz

"Water Babys"

This album does not aim for a single aesthetic. The jazz pop and AutoTuned vocals of "Fuck Hugh, Grant" contrast immediately with the IDM-flavored "There's a Griffin at the Door" and the fractured playfulness of "The Hippo on Campus." Although the bad puns end after the fourth track, the group's genre-bending continues with the hip-hop of "Denver Sky Light," where the Babys even seem to dabble in dubstep. Water Babys shines brightest on atmospheric instrumentals such as "The Organ Donor" and "Binary Birds," on which the act seems to be following an experimental electronic muse. The coloring-book album art, which was created by the band, adds to the sense of wonder and the totality of creativity that infuses the music within. - Westword

"Water Babys"

Water Babys have the uncanny ability to generate a sound which draws the listener in to the space, the two merging to a fusion of being. With justified confidence, they are unafraid to add additional layers to the music, whilst gently progressing to new tempos.
As the music merges with the brain, the over-arching sense is one of visual patterns of surreal colour combinations. Once absorbed Water Babys are able to able to take the ears on a delicate and enticing flight of fancy, where the constant ebb and flow of rhythms and texture hypnotize, to an almost trance like state.
Their debut eponymous LP is an impressive use of this technique.
They have a significant contribution to make to music judging by their early material and it will be interesting to see how Water Babys progress. - Indie Bands Blog

"Air Dubai Remix Tape"

amor, est. and phunkphace (Water Babys) contributed to this remix tape as well as some of our other fine friends. - Reverb


Water Babys, "Water Babys" (2011)



Water Babys is an electronic classical jazz hop duo from Denver, Colorado. Fascinated with the transcendent quality of music, the band focuses on groove oriented poly-rhythms, harmony, and spacious textures. They compose all original works and play live instruments. Their debut album was released in the Fall of 2011. Currently they are working on a new album.