Water & Bodies

Water & Bodies

 Portland, Oregon, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

In a world of bad trends and over-produced albums, Water & Bodies aim to create honest, positive, well crafted music. Take the smoothness of the 70's, the hooks from the 80's, and the rawness of the 90's and you have Water & Bodies.


In a world of bad trends and over-produced albums, Water & Bodies aim to create honest, positive, well-crafted music. Possessing an eclectic indie-rock vibe that mixes the smooth sounds of the late 70’s, hits from the 80's, and an alternative vibe of the 90's these Portland, OR natives are no strangers to the music world. Christopher James Ruff (Vocals, Keys), Aaron Tollefson (Guitar, Vocals), Kile Brewer (bass), and Beau Kuther (Drums) have played together for nearly a decade in other projects—both signed and unsigned – and have experienced all angles of the industry. With a new direction and agenda in mind, the group set out to record songs they could truly call unique.

After releasing two solid EPs that garnered them local notoriety and praise, Water & Bodies took to the road for a three-week West Coast tour in July of 2010. Upon returning home, they wasted no time in letting their creativity flow, and wrote a full album’s worth of songs in less than two months. The resulting tracks were recorded with producer Rian Lewis (Crosstide) at Interlace Audio and his home studio in Portland, Oregon. Completely funded via a Kickstarter campaign, the band raised enough money from their rapidly-growing fan base to record and self-release their new record independently, without the assistance of a label.

Interlacing the passion and raw hooks of 90’s alternative rock with their already-streamlined sound, Water & Bodies’ new album Light Year will undoubtedly scream to those who want to hear something real. Music lovers from all walks of life will be able to take something positive from this fresh collection of heart-felt, energetic songs. Possessing a keen sense of melody and showcasing strong songwriting skills, Water & Bodies’ latest proves they have what it takes to achieve large-scale success


Moments in a Life

Written By: Christopher James Ruff

You can tell by the way they are shaking my hands are tired
I’m not too worried about it, they’ve been this way now for a while
They have cut and they’ve pasted and prayed and they formed a cloud
It’s just a matter of time now until the water pours right out.

For all the worldly hopes that go unrealized
And moments in a life that pass us by
We’re only growing older if it’s in our minds
I’m not to worried about it, we’ve got to live before we die

Now I sputter and tread and I gasp, muscle for air
I’d try to yell out for help but there are no people around here

If there were people I’d say brother here’s my hand please pull me out. If there were people I’d say brother grab your rope, please let it out

We’ve got time



The Rain City Sessions Part 1 EP - Released May 2009
The Rain City Sessions Part 2 EP - Released Jan 2010

Light Year (Debut LP) - Released Feb 2011

The single "Moments in a Life" has been played on 101.9 KINK and 94.7 KNRQ in Portland, OR. The song was also a featured download on the Local Spotlight on the 101.9 KINK fm website.