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Rosie Guadalupe Wilma Mary Ann. Released May 22nd, 2012 on Swerp Records.

Full album available to stream free or purchase ($3-mp3/320vbr $4-FLAC/Lossless) on swerprecords.com



Water House is dangerous.

Started in 2009, near Chicago, Water House garnered a sizable following based on word of mouth alone. Talk spread of their insane live shows, songs that were catchy and addictive while remaining strange, challenging and interesting, and the personalities of the members themselves. In time, without any proof beyond "you just have to see it." they found themselves filling clubs, warehouses, garages, basements and whatever other place they could cram their gear into.

Confused, they continued on. Eventually, they generated enough interest to get a friendly offer from a label: Swerp Records. After barely any discussion, the band and the label were a couple. Swerp produced and released their album and all was well with the world.....for now...

Water House could be described as "genre-hopping" or some other nonsense. Really, though, they just make their music. The influences are limitless. A genuine love for avant-garde jazz gets just as much attention as 1980's radio pop. Realizing the unlimited potential of sound, they chose to exploit it. Though, unlike other genre-hoppers, they don't write each song in one specific style. The "process" could best be described as creating sort of a Frankenstein's Monster with each song. A hip-hop beat, over spanish-folk style guitars, with distorted bass, grating electronic noises, all in a sycopated 7/8, that somehow melts into 50's style pop. They do that, and it never feels forced or snobby.

And that's the difference. Water House experiments, delves deep, and gets weirder than Wayne Coyne in his strangest moments, but it simply feels natural with them.

They're able to play just as well with a dance-fused indie-pop band as they are grindcore, or hip hop, or jazz, or noise. There is nowhere Water House doesn't fit, despite not really fitting in anywhere.