Water Kill The Sun

Water Kill The Sun


Slightly off-kilter indie rock that makes you think while you jump around and enjoy yourself.

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Sleeping Pills & Oxycodone

Written By: Water Kill the Sun

You come dropping bombs Time after time
Leaving before dawn, it's the perfect crime
All alone you get room to move From one horizon to the next
But the sun dips low, bearing the weight

Shimmer from the Shaking
Sleeping pills won't break the sky in two

Tell me what you see when the lights go down
Velveteen and lace at the edge of town
All alone you get time to breathe
But the air tastes stale and sickly sweet
While the dust gets thick, filling your lungs

Shimmer cuz I'm shakin'
I don't sleep, I fake it
Summer's coming and I can't seem to lose this fever

From every corner coming after you
From every highway running over you
I never meant to lord this over you
I tried to save you, what more can I do?


9 song demo
Plus- EP
Minus- EP

Set List

Only The Young Die Good
Sleeping Pills & Oxycodone
Chinese Laundry
Fug If I Know
An Innocent Man
I Know a Little Greek
Big Fawking Hearts

Sets are usually 8 or 9 songs, running 30-40 minutes. No covers.