Water Music

Water Music

 Collingwood, Victoria, AUS

Keep it simple. Ignore everyone else. Be honest and unique. Mesh with the guitar and let your soul do the talking. Let it flow like water in a slow moving creek. In a green shrouded forestÂ…dappled water, rust and viridian green.


In '93 founded Melbourne three-piece, Kilfinnan, who went on to play across Australia alongside bands such as Something for Kate, Regurgitator, Magic Dirt, Ricaine, Warped...Released 4 albums on cassette format. Was all a bit rock n' roll, and all very grunge. Woah, man, etc.

In '99 my mum was murder by my step-dad. I stopped playing music for a spell so I could re-think what the Hell was going on. I decided to publish a national music and art magazine called Lucky. Lucky helped discover amazing talent, such as Street Artist Yok, writer Cry Bloxsome, photographer Josh Robenstone. Blogger Daniel Boud shot front covers for us. Graphic Designer studio Tin & Ed helped design for us. Lucky was all about undiscovered artists who we knew were on to something. I'm proud to say all of these people have gone on to great things.

In January 2010 I picked up my guitar again. I don't have an amazing studio. At home, Large Red, I record like mad with two microphones and an 8-Track. But belief and determination outweigh technology. So I keep recording and distribute home-made CDs at gigs, through the post and to anyone who asks. If you'd like one, message me. Each one is unique as I pretty going completely insane writing as hard and fast as I can. And after 8 months of writing like a Mad Scientist, I'm booking my own way across the USA.


March 2010 - Follow
August 2010 - Kill Dylan
October 2010 - Dead X