Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

WatersEdge is a pop rock band that combines chilled out melodies with thought provoking lyrics, speaking the truths of God to a modern day culture.


Based in Bloomsburg , Pennsylvania , WatersEdge blends honest lyrics that reflect the band’s energetic faith in Christ with an acoustic set that creates an organic, easy-listening sound. Keith Deltano, Nationally Touring Christian Comedian, says WatersEdge “takes a refreshing step outside the norm with an authentic acoustic and intimate sound...where the music ends and the ministry begins is indiscernible.”

In the Spring of 2011, WatersEdge completed their debut album, UpsideDown, and signed with Nashville based record label, 62Records. 62Records is own and managed by Jeromy and Jennifer Deibler of the multi-platinum selling, multi-award winning Christian pop band FFH. WatersEdge is currently touring across Pennsylvania and the surrounding states, where they have appeared at youth camps, concerts, block parties, and church worship services. Featuring songs from their new album, UpsideDown, the music of WatersEdge has connected with a wide range of listeners in both an entertaining and spiritually engaging way. In 2010, they competed at IMMERSE, the Gospel Music Association’s National Band and Song Competition in Nashville , TN, where their song—True Religion—finished 3rd. They have also performed at several events sponsored by their local radio station, WGRC, including the station's "Music in the Park" event held at Knoebels Grove Amusement Resort.

WatersEdge includes twin band members Joshua and Caleb Fritz, as well as percussionist Emmanuel Graham. While Joshua, Caleb, and Emmanuel have been ministering with their music for many years, the band WatersEdge was not formally formed until 2009. Since then, their ministry has expanded to include events throughout Pennsylvania . Their backgrounds include church and college worship leaders, as well as youth ministry, and teaching. After teaching for two years, Joshua and Caleb felt God calling them into full time ministry; therefore, they have recently moved into full time positions with WatersEdge.

Above all else, WatersEdge seeks to fulfill the message their name implies which was taken from Joshua 3:15. Just like the Jordan River split when the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant came to the water's edge, Joshua, Caleb, and Emmanuel hope to see miracles happen as they minister with the gifts God has blessed them with!


True Religion

Written By: WatersEdge

True Religion

Verse 1:
Hey listen you're missing what I say
Close the Facebook and put down the latte
So focused on who's doing what but
You're so filled up that you don't know what ends up
Being the truth in a world selling you lies
Can't you see that you're looking through blind eyes
Here we go time to make a decision
Child let me ask you what's your true religion

Oh Oh Oh Oh
My heart is saying
All I need is You
My heart is saying

Verse 2:
Hey listen you're missing what I say
You need to be living the right way
So tired of trying to buy into
That latest lifestyle trend that will keep you
In with the crowd take a bow what have you won
Can't you see all these things keeping you from
Living life 'stead of trying to keep up
Child don't you know that His love never gives up

Jesus loves me much more then they say
From the cars to the clothes to the money they pay
They try to direct the path that they think I will take
But I decided right now that I won't go that way
Cause really I'm fearfully and wonderfully made
So I'm gonna live free cause my bill's been paid
Ever since I was eight and I bowed and prayed
I've been more like a pocket cause I'm feeling the change


Into the Promised Land EP

Set List

1. Everybody
2. Weakness
3. True Religion
4. You're The God
5. Upside Down
6. City Lights
7. On My Shoulders
8. God I'm Coming

WatersEdge leads a variety of worship sets including traditional church hymns, classic contemporary worship songs, as well as many modern worship songs from artists such as Chris Tomlin.